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My Step Mother

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I have read many stories here with an incest theme, and frankly I don't believe most of them. This is a true story about my step mother. She is not a blood relative so it just borders on that theme.


I am about to tell a secret that I have shared with my step mother since I was about 17. For obvious reasons we would never discuss this with anyone, but due to the privacy of this format I am going to share this.

My parents divorced when I was a kid, then my dad remarried about two years later. He married a very nice looking woman who is about 20 years older than me. When I was about 15 my step mom and my dad got divorced because he was having an affair. I wanted nothing to do with my dad, and since I was almost 18 I wanted to continue to live with my step mom. That was OK with everyone involved.

At 15 I was certainly aware of girls and I took every opportunity that I could to browse a porn mag. I had also become quite aware of how good looking my step mom was. I was taking extra notice of her when she walked around the house in a sheer night gown, or the occasional times when I saw her in bra and panties. I found myself fantasizing about her and jacking off thinking about her. She didn't remarry and I found myself wondering if she was ever horny and wondering if she ever masturbated.

As I approached 17 my sexual desires for her were peaking and although she had seen me plenty of times in just my underwear, I found myself walking around the house in underwear more often. One day I had a huge erection in my bedroom. I knew she was in the kitchen. I had the idea of going into the kitchen in my underwear while I was hard, just to see if she would say anything. My heart beat wildly as I weighed the pros and cons of doing this. The thought turned me on very much.

With a rapidly beating heart, and second guessing my actions the whole way, I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. It was so obvious my dick was hard. My undies were poking way up and out.

She didn't see me when I first walked in because her back was turned. I got a glass and poured some water in it and she turned towards me. She had a nice profile view of my body. I nonchalantly tipped the glass up and took several swallows then turned to face her. She had a look of shock or surprise on her face, and her eyes went straight to my crotch. She said 'Ben!' Not my real name, of course.

I knew I had to say something. She knew that I knew I had a hard-on. I hadn't thought out what I was going to say in advance. I smiled at her and said 'sorry ... I'm kind of hard this morning.' She said 'you certainly are!' I still didn't know what to say or do. She half way smiled at me and she asked me 'have you been masturbating?' I smiled back and said 'not yet, but I feel like it!'

Now I swear to God this is all absolutely true. She said 'you have to do what you have to do.' She said 'I do it too sometimes.' Well, I knew women did it but I had never seen them do it. I said 'I know they do too, but I'm not quite sure how they do it.' She said most women rub their clitoris in a way that gives them an orgasm.

I don't know what made me say this, but I said 'I'd love to see how they do that sometime.' She said 'I could show you but it wouldn't be right ... not really ... but you should know and understand ...' Oh my dick was about to come without any stroking at all I was so hard. She looked at my bulge which was actually twitching, and she said 'come with me.'

She led me to her bedroom. She told me I could take my underpants off. My dream fantasy was coming true. I pulled them off and exposed my throbbing hard-on to her as she undressed. She laid on the bed and I got up there with her. She started by showing me all her female parts and naming them. She separated her pussy and showed me her clit. Using her middle finger she started slowly rubbing it with cmall circles and sometimes over and across it. I was seeing her pussy and her breasts close up for the first time ever. As she rubbed herself she told me I could jack off if I wanted to. That is all it took. I was on my knees between her legs watching and jacking. It was so exciting to me I started cumming in about 30 seconds. She blurted out 'cum on my stomach,' so I leaned over her and shot cum on my step mom's stomach. She watched closely as rope after rope of cum splattered on her.

I watched her as she closed her eyes and concentrated and eventually she came in gasps and contractions. I could tell later after we dressed that she felt somewhat bad about what happened. It gave me courage though. It had been so exciting for me. About a week later I wanted to do it again. I was so hard as I thought about it but feared she would say no. I got up my courage (with my dick hard as hell) and walked into the living room where she was watching TV, and I asked her if I could jack off with her again. At first she said no, but I was begging. I had my hand on my bulge squeezing it saying 'please?' She finally said OK. We did it all over again.

Until I moved out at age 21, my step mom and I masturbated together numerous times. Right now I don't have a girlfriend and she doesn't have a boyfriend, and I still go over to her house about once a month for a great mutual masturbation session. I think she likes it as much as I do now. She is a terrific lady.



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