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My Sister's First Orgasm

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When I was 14, my sister Mary, who was 11, slipped under the covers of my big bed one night and wanted to talk to me. She had just started to have her period earlier that year, and she said that since her period started that she had been incessantly horny.

I asked her if she ever played with her pussy, and she said she did, but she had never come. She said that when she started to feel a rise in the pleasure as she was playing with herself, that it scared her because it was so strong and she was afraid to go any farther.

She said she had talked to a couple of girls about orgasms, and they called it 'finishing', because it made them finish being horny. She said she wished that she could 'finish' so she could stop being horny for a while. She asked me if I ever 'finished' and I told her sure, I had been since I was about 8 or 9.

Mary asked me if I could show her what I did to cause myself to climax. I told her I would, and I slipped my pajama bottoms off. When she pulled hers off, I was amazed that she had such a full bush, a perfect dark brown triangle-she had even more hair than me down there-mine was still growing out-and my clit started to throb as I looked at her bush. She said she got horny seeing the girls in her gym class shower with their pussies exposed, and some of the girls would stare at hers because she had more hair than anyone else, and that made her even hornier.

I showed her how I usually masturbated. I took the index and middle finger of my right hand and rubbed it back and forth over my swollen clitoral shaft, I told her that the trick was that when she felt the pleasure start to rise, that she had to keep going and just keep rubbing in rhythm. I told her sometinmes the pleasure would kind of be so strong that it would be kinda scary, but she just had to keep going until the pleasure built up so much that it took her body over.

I laid back with my head on the pillow and got comfortable, and as she started rubbing her clit back and forth, she closed her eyes and began to moan. She got a smile on her face as she rubbed, and she started to say, 'good...oh, good...ahhhh...so good...'

I lifted my shirt up and started pulling on my nipples since they ached from being erect-my breasts were already about a 34C-I reached over and pulled her shirt up and her very small breasts were turning red, and her nipples were stiff with goose-bumps in the areola. Her breasts were just starting to develop even though she had a thick bush of womanly-looking pubic hair.

I think she was relaxed and enjoying it because she was next to me, and I was really turned on hearing her moan and watch her turn her head side to side with her eyes closed as she rubbed her clit back and forth with her rock-hard nipples poking out.

After a while she started saying, 'oh, it's going up...it's too strong...it feels so good it hurts...' and I told her that it meant her orgasm was approaching, so don't stop...I gently put my hand over hers as she rubbed herself to give her encouragement. She threw her head back on the pillow and said, 'oh, too good'..and then got kind of quiet for a while as she continued to rub.

Her hips slowly started to rise off the bed, and I knew what that meant-she was feeling that buildup and was just about to start an orgasm. They rose up a ways, stayed there for a few seconds, and then she she let out this loud groan, 'huhhhhhh', 'unghhhhhhh'' and I had to quickly put a blanket over her mouth so she didn't wake up everybody in the house!

When her hips fell down on the bed and she started recovering from her climax, I sat back with my eyes closed thinking about what she looked like right as she orgasmed and I felt the build up in my crotch and finally felt the spasms grip my vagina and flow through my belly like waves-my head lifted up toward my stomach and I tried to suppress my moans as much as possible, but the orgasm was so strong it was very difficult-this was the most intense climax I'd felt up to that point in my life. We fell asleep soon after that, exhausted.

We began changing clothes together often and I could tell when she was horny because her clitoral shaft extended way up in her triangle when it was elongated from her being excited-when I saw that I'd ask her, 'you're feeling it, aren't you?'-she'd say yea, and if we had time we'd lay on the bed and give ourselves a climax before we put out clothes on.

We got into a habit of jilling together before we went to sleep, and later when we both discovered the joys of our new showerhead, we took turns watching each other orgasm in the shower. We jilled together as much as we were able to until I left for college, and we still do when we're able to.



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