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My sister-in law watches

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My sister-in law watches by Anonymous
PLEASE post this anonymously. My wife and I have been married for 15 yearsand have a very good relationship regardless of the fact our sex lifeleaves much to be desired. My wife's sister, Marla (fictitious name) is anextremely sexy woman who's known for years that I'm very attracted to her.
Marla is going through a divorce right now and last weekend called and saidshe'd be paying us a visit. She also pointed out that she was leaving thekids at home and coming by herself. I always love hearing that because itmeans we'll party the night she arrives and I'll have the opportunity toflirt with her after she has a few drinks.
She arrived at our house late Saturday afternoon and settled in at ourkitchen table, immediately requesting a strong drink. I was more thanhappy to oblidge her request! The three of us sat at the table talking anddrinking for hours....my wife and I listening symapthetically to herdescription of how her divorce was going. The aclohol continued flowingand by 11:00 we were all pretty well wasted. When my wife announced shecouldn't stay up any longer and was going upstairs to bed, I expected Marlato say the same thing and go to bed too. I was wrong.....she just said sheunderstood, but she thought she'd stay up a while longer. Of course Iwasn't about to go to bed and miss the opportunity to be alone with her!
My wife went upstairs and immediately went to sleep, so I poured Marlaanother drink. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her nice breasts as shebegan talking about her sex life while married. I listened intently for awhile and began interjecting my own dissatisfaction about my sex life.During this time she had propped one foot up on my knee while she talked,and my excitement was almost unbearable. I was seated at the corner of thetable with my knees pointed straight at her, and a few minutes later sheput one foot on each of my knees and was facing me with her legs spread andher loose shorts exposing her tan legs almost all the way to her crotch.It was at this point I couldn't resist telling her how turned on this mademe, and she just smiled at me.
I couldn't believe it when she told me the only sexual satisfaction she gotthese days was when she got herself off! In turn, I told her it was thesame with me and she made the comment she'd never actually watched a manmasturbate. I don't know if it was the alcohol or my desire to have herwatch, or both, but I unbottoned my jeans and pulled my dick and balls outfor her to see. She immeadiately moved one of her feet, and with her toes,pushed on my balls and said "Put those away right now!" I didn't move andshe just put her foot back down on my knee and started trying to change thesubject. I've always been somewhat proud of my thick, 7" dick but thealcohol had taken its toll on me and I wasn't getting hard like I expectedto, so I started stroking it. Marla watched from less than three feet awayas I stroked myself, and seeing her brown eyes fixed on my dick was enoughto give me a raging hardon. Her conversation had completely stopped andshe just sat watching me....her breathing becoming heavier. I told her I'dalways wanted to see her nipples and asked her if she would raise herblouse for me and show them to me. She did it!! At this point I was onthe verge of cuming, so I told her I was almost ready. I leaned forwardand took one of her bare breasts into my hand while the other hand keptstroking. This put me completely over the edge and I shot my load all overher right leg. Her left hand reached down and her fingers smoothed my cuminto her skin, then she licked her fingers. I was in total heaven andwanted more, but she told me to clean myself up and button my jeans. Ipleaded with her to let me do more, but she declined since we were "related".
I can only say I hope she plans another trip to see us very soon!



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