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My Sister-in-Law useded MY CUM to make hers flow.

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by Craig
Barb, my sister-in-law, just called me and I've cum a ton for the THIRD TIME since saturday, thanks to her. Let me explain... This weekend my wife and I went up north to visit her widowed sister-in-law. My wifes brother passed away 2 1/2 years ago during heart surgery and she's since sold the house, and moved into their summer home up on the lake.

She's always been one of my masturbation fantasies and I got the opportunity I've wanted when my wife and Barb decided to spend Saturday shopping in Houghton Lake. I'd planned to stay back and work on some of the little projects that needed to be done. As soon as they were out of the driveway, I was naked. I looked for a few minutes but then I found the last 3 days of her undies, Victoria Secret's finest, in the laundry basket. Each pair was rolled up neatly into a small ball and tucked into itself with the elastic band. As I unrolled one at a time and smelled the crotch, I got harder and harder, leaking precum without ever touching myself once. I went into the spare bedroom and flipped back the bedspread laying there with the first pair on my face just taking in the musky odor. The second pair must now have been worn for very long, so I wrapped them around my dick and slowly jacked. The precum smeared all over the material making a wide slick spot which made the silky nylon see-through material when wet. My cock was as huge as it's ever been, and flowing.

I found the third pair to be much more odorous, like she'd rubbed herself off in them! I was sucking on the crotch area as I came. I had a wet wad of panties wrapped around my dick that was soaked to the absolute max with my cum! I carefully placed them onto the first pair I had been wearing on my face as I spent about 10 minutes smelling, sucking the best pair. I was ready to cum again pretty soon and I sprayed it into the pair I had on my face. It was one of the best jack off sessions I've ever had and now I was faced with the question of what to do with the undies! I did manage to remove a fraction of the evidence orally, but after I climax I usually lose the desire quickly to swallow it. I just wrapped the 2 really goo'ed up pair into the third, kinda like she had them indivially, and put them back under the bath towels in the hamper where I found them. Nothing was different or said til this morning after my wife left for work, Barb called! I wasn't prepared for her and she immeadiately asked me if I had any trouble while they were out shopping saturday.

When I said that some of the things I did that morning were hard, she laughed and said she thought so. And still hard? she asked. WOW. Boner in 1.2 seconds... She wasn't upset, she said she was tickled, and I found out she was laying on the same bed I had used 2 mornings before. My cum, altho cold and thickened was smeared all over her. Mainly on her tits, but she said she had smeared it everywhere! She had masturbated twice BEFORE she called and finally decided to thank me for the motivation/inspiration/etc. The call was tooo short. After about 3-4 minutes she had to go, and I had cum all over me now. Neither of us said anything about doing it again, but I'm gonna call her friday morning after my wife leaves for work. --



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