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My Panties

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My pantie collection


I have no thongs! When I've wanted one, I've borrowed it from my sister. 

Most of my panties range frand m briefs to hi-cuts. They are plain coloured. I hate panties with messages on them, or worse, flowers, but just lately, I've been thinking about my own panties.

So, I'm in Brighton. I'm wearing a white cotton summer dress, strapless, no bra and a pair of what I call my 'virginals!. Plain white cotton briefs. The kind ....er....a virgin wears. 

As I walked around Churchill Square, I realised that the only thing between my quim and the outside world was a thin layer of cotton. These particular pair as single gusset too. 

That image just wouldn't leave my mind. One thin layer of material was all that was stopping nyonemon the ground floor from looking right up my dress and swing my sex.

And right there, my body betrayed me by depositing a splotch of wetness right into the crotch. I know damn well that wetness on these panties makes them all but transparent. Fucking great. So now I'm walking around wet, and getting wetter, and if anyone looks up now at just the right angle, they get to see my cunt lips, and my newly acquired hair. 

I'm growing my pubes in. They've got beyond the itchy stage now, but they aren't fully in by any means. I look like a 13 year old,down there, but then I have very light pubes anyway. It was never a thick luxuriant bush. 

So, I wandered around and then went outside. There is a genuine Cornish Pasty vendor outside, and I bought one and st on the steps next to the outlet to eat it, knowing full well passers bay were getting an eyeful. In the doorway where a shop has closed down was a homeless guy in his sleeping bag. He was staring right up my crotch.i also noticed that his hand was moving under his sleeping bag. Well, what the hell....why not. 

I let my knees part a little and smiled right at him. He looked unshaven and his hair was quite long, but underneath the grime was a quite nice looking guy. I wondered if he was ex services. There are a lot of them homeless now. His hand moved faster and I was in no doubt he was wanking off. 

Pasty finished, I mouthed "wait" at him. One quick trip to the toilets to take my panties off, and I was back outside. I sat beside him and talked to him. I was right, ex military, Bosnia, Iran, discharged, failed marriage, homeless, n help from th government. Typical! I offered to buy him some food but he just wanted to talk. He apologised for staring at me, and.....'the other thing' he was doing. He knew that I knew. I asked if he'd finished? He said that he felt bad about dong it and no, he hadn't. 

I had already decided what I was going to do when I went to the toilet, but now, I knew it was the right thing. If I wasn't going celibate for a while (probably a long while.....I feel the need to just rediscover me.) I would have found somewhere and fucked him, instead, I pressed my wet panties into his hand. 

Then I hugged him and offered to stay with him while he finished. It's really weird. Homeless people are almost invisible. No one looks at them. No one wants to know. If you sit with one of them, you get ignored too. It's like there's a force field around you. This guy, Jimmy, balled my panties up in his left hand so that only the wet crotch was visible and his right hand shot down his sleeping bag again. He brought his knees up so that he could wank without it being obvious what he was doing. I just sat facing him and talked dirty. "Go on Jimmy....smell my cunt......lick me if you want.....when you spunk, shoot it into my knickers." It didn't take long....well....it wouldn't, would it. Suddenly, his left hand disappeared from sight and I saw his eyes squeeze tight as he shot into my panties. 

I left them with him, said goodbye and walked away. 

So that left me wet as fuck, no panties, and really REALLY horny! 

Brighton beach is great! It's aLeah's possible to find a place where you can sit, far enough away from others so that they can't see what you're doing. A girl can easily sit with her knees up, her arms around her thighs, and who's to say what her right hand fingers are doing? I came three times. Just lightly flicking my clit. Then, making sure my dress was out of the way at the back, I peed. Peeing outdoors, especially after a cum is a nice way for me to come down.....actually, if I pee before I masturbate, especially into my panties, it's a nice way for me to get going too!

Now, there is an artist on the seafront who has made castes of vaginas. If he's open, (sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't) you can offer him you pussy! He will either agree or not. I decided I'd try my luck. 

He was there, and although he told me he had completed that particular work, I must have looked disappointed, because he asked to see my driving licence and took me into the back. I lay on a couch, andlifted my dress. He wasn't in the least phased by the sight of no panties, (nor the scent of sex). While he was mixing up the mound stuff, I noticed a small camera high in the corner of the room. It's red light told me it was working. For a moment I thought "dirty bastard" but then I realised that it was to prevent anyone saying he had sexually assaulted them. He asked me again how old I was, and if I understood what he was going to do, and that the end result would be a plastercaste of my vagina that he was free to use as he wished for artistic purposes. I signed the form and lay back.

The moment I felt the cold sticky material, I felt like I could cum again, and when he used a wooden spatula to work it into the folds I was very close. Then a few minutes later and he was peeling it, along with a few of my new hairs, off. 

Exposing myself to a total stranger has always been a turn on for me, ever since I was 13. I've always known the power of my sex, really. A girl does, you know. We notice people looking at us, undressing us with their eyes, trying to look down out tops, or up our skirts. Some girls hate it, but I found it empowering. If I fucked up at school, sitting in a certain way to calm some teachers right down....even one particular nun seemed to mellow if I accidentally showed her my knickers. 




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