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My Own Happy Ending

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Story of when I brought myself to orgasm after a massage while I lay on the table…A girl needs a break..right?!


Life has a way of weighing on a person at times….so much so that certain measures are required to help relieve stress and worry. Part of my stress management includes working out, reading, listening to music, getting massages, and of course….erotic thoughts and masturbation! The latter being my most favorite.

My lower back often gives me issues but this doesn't stop me from my activities. A good massage helps relieve the pressure. I went to my ‘GO TO’ massage place close to my work where they have these buddha statues everywhere. I always feel ‘the vibe’ there. Its a darkly lite place which I find relaxing and erotic. They have chair massages which is what I typically get. This time however, I opted for a full body massage where I would unclothe and lay upon a table….naked.

I conveyed my troubled spots to the woman that was going to be performing my massage. I explained that my lower back and tail bone area was very tight. She nodded with a confident manner and excused herself and left the room so I could undress. I disrobed and laid upon the table awaiting her return. The room smelled of lavender and was very dark. After a few moments she entered the room and started her work upon my body.

She started with me facing down. Like many massages it started off soft and inviting. I wouldn't say I was horny but being touched always fires up my engine…as always I imagine sexy things while I get rubbed and stroked in massage. I like to think of feeling a mans body, reminiscing of how it smells, and what it feels like against mine. I love how a cock feels in my hands. I like to think of how my orgasms build and how I love to feel them. I love the anticipation of when I will ‘play’ next…and I love the feeling of erotic self touch.

The massage woman had been doing a very good job and started descending lower on my body. I felt her hands stroke my upper butt area. I voiced a ‘mmmmm’ in approval of her movement into that area. She was not shy about touching my ass. I wondered how much of it she would touch. As if she read my mind, she started to work the entire but area. Again I moaned softly to let her know I liked it.

The next thing I knew she got up on the table and sat on the back of my thighs! I was face down grinning my ass off. I could not believe she was straddling me from behind! It was SO hot. She started stroking my ass cheeks up and down…she was really working me good. If this wasn't arousing enough she began doing something that I had never had a massage person do before. She started spreading my ass cheeks exposing my hole. I could feel the air hit my hole as she spread me wide over and over again. As she stroked and spread me, her fingers were touching the edges of my hole. I wondered if she realized what she was doing? Did she know she was close to my butthole?! I could feel her fingers drift across the entire hole with every swift stroke! Was she fucking with me?! Was this standard practice?! Whatever it was I like it...a lot.

I was in such a euphoric state I couldn't stop myself from voicing my pleasure softly…I kept telling her with my moans I liked it. She must have stayed there for about 15 minutes before moving onto my legs. I kept imagining feeling myself…wondering what she would do if I slide my hand down and felt my pussy which was wet and warm by now. I wondered if she could smell my arousal when she spread my ass. While I am a professional, I also am a pretty wild gal and take many risks but I wasn't sure about fingering myself on the table in front of her. I have always heard of “Happy Endings” at massage places but never had one.

Sadly the hour came to an end. She finished off the massage with my feet. I lay there after she left the room and couldn't stop thinking of making myself orgasm. I was so aroused that I was starting to get off by pressing myself into the table. I sat up and spread my legs. I could smell myself. ‘Oh My Gawd I smell good’. I wondered if anyone could hear me, smell me, or sense what I was starting to do. My hand found its way down to my pussy. Sure as fuck it was drenched! I spread my wetness to my clit. I touched it and it was so very hard already. I brought my fingers up to my nose and gently took in my own scent. I then placed my finger into my mouth and tasted my arousal. This made me go into full animal mode immediately. I got up onto one knee while my other foot was planted on the table. I used one hand to thrust two fingers into my pussy and the other hands' fingers worked my clit.

It didn't take me long to reach the edge of orgasm. I slowed a bit allowing the climax to level off. I wanted to make it last a little longer yet I didn't want to take too long so the massage lady wouldn't think I was masturbating on her table. I felt like everyone knew what I was doing..but I didn't care. I was so hot and horny! I was loving touching myself. I gave in and allowed the climax to continue as I reached the peak of my orgasm. As I did my legs shook and I was holding my breathe so as to not make much noise. I was very quiet. When my orgasm reached its completion I gushed onto the sheet that was my cover during the massage. SHIT! I forgot I would make a squirty mess but I didn't care. I often seem to forget this detail when I make myself cum when I’m out and about. I must remember to carry a towel with me! My orgasm was very strong and rewarding.

I quickly dressed and exited the room. I met the lady up front where I paid her and thanked her for the best massage ever and tipped her very well. I asked her for her name and she wrote it down for me. I will be going back…and sooner rather than later. Maybe next time she will accidentally stick her finger in my ass. A girl can hope right?



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