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My Own Flavor

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I can't stop eating my own cum.

 I crave the taste of my own cum. I don't know why. Ever since the first time I tasted it all those years ago (in my last story). If I'm extremely horny and masturbating I will start to crave my own cum. Some masturbation sessions are quick, just to satisfy the urge and then move on with my day. Other times when I'm alone, late at night, edging my cock for an hour, watching the rivers of pre-cum run out of my tip, all I want to do is drink my own cum.


The more I do it over time I feel like the more I want it. It used to be once a month, now it's a couple times a week. Edging my cock to the brink of orgasm while watching hentai of gorgeous anime girls with huge breasts and giant dicks fuck each other or sucking themselves off. Or watching videos of gorgeous trans women with giant cocks suck themselves or blowing huge loads all over their gorgeous bodies and faces. I edge myself as I watch these videos feeling my load begin to build. Knowing that soon enough I will be drinking my own from the source.



I would give anything to be flexible enough or have a dick big enough that I could actually suck myself off. I couldn't even imagine how amazing it would be. Feeling my cock explode inside my mouth as I gulp down my semen. But the closest I can get is it to pour it into my mouth.



Once my cock is rock hard and throbbing after edging myself for over an hour, I can feel the giant load built up in my balls, ready to release. I hang backward off of my couch, my shoulders on the floor back up against the foot board as I slowly arch my legs backward over my head. I'm then in a backward-folding crescent shape as I stroke my cock, looking straight up the barrel of my dick.  I see it aimed straight at my face knowing that my delicious cum will be in my mouth soon.



I edge myself one last time, continuously watching videos of women guzzling down sperm. I set the phone down as I prepare for my treat. Stroking long and hard right to the brink of orgasm. Right before I cum I let go of the head of my cock and grabbing the base. My cock twitches. I do not orgasm but then I see the tip of my dick open as the long white stream of cum begins to pour out of my cock straight into my mouth. I eagerly open my mouth and stick out my tongue. My warm salty essence pours into my mouth. Watching the consistent stream of cum from my dick, I feel it fill my mouth.



Once the stream subsides I close my mouth and swallow. Feeling this salty creamy load go down my throat makes me so hard and turns me on even more. I know I still have some left, my balls aren't quite empty yet so I stroke the head of my cock edging myself one more time bringing myself right to the brink again.  Releasing the head right before I cum again, grabbing the base of my cock and holding it steady as another stream of deliciousness pours out of my dick straight into my mouth.



This stream is not as much and is shorter, but it is still just as delicious. I am now ready to allow myself to orgasm. I grab the head of my cock and frantically stroke it. Whatever little cum is left in my balls will be released upon my orgasm. I finally orgasm. It rolls through my body, my cock is throbbing and pulsing in my hand. I experience orgasmic bliss as the last few spurts of cum shoot out of my dick. Again I stick out my tongue to catch the last few drops. I enjoy my orgasm as I close my mouth and savor the taste of the last few drops of my load. I then sit up laying back on my couch naked and panting, my cock still rock hard as I look down at it twitching. My cock twitches with my heartbeat as I try to catch my breath, coming down from my glorious orgasm.



I was never able to put my finger on it, why it turns me on so much, eating my own cum. But it never ceases to turn me on. In my many years, I have never eaten someone else's cum. I one day hope that I will be able to find a gorgeous trans woman that will allow me to suck her off so I can taste someone else's cum and see how it compares to my own. Hopefully eating someone else's cum will turn me on just as much and make me just as hard as I get eating my own.




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