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My Only Adult Theater Experience

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Not something we ever repeated.


In my junior year of college my roommate and i went to an adult theater about a half mile from our urban campus on a Saturday afternoon. We began the afternoon by drinking some red wine and by 2:00 we had begun to talk about sex. We had been aware that each other masturbated once in a while in our beds at night but prior to that day we had never overtly talked about it or even about sex. Nervously we walked to the theater and purchased tickets. We were small town kids who had never seen an adult film and were convinced that seeing one would be some kind of liberating experience. When we entered the dark theater we were hardly able to see anything but we were generally aware that most of the clients, and almost all were male, were sitting in the back. As our eyes became accustomed to the dark Carol (my roommate) told me to sneak a peek toward the rear. There to my absolute amazement we could plainly see dozens of men with their erect penises out of their pants engaged in every possible variety of masturbating and mutual masturbating. It was like a veritable orgy. I told Carol that we should leave and we both got up top go, but as we passed the last rows with the men busily engaged in pleasuring themselves, and doing it right out in the open, we both changed our minds.

So we bought pop and went back in positioning ourselves so that we could see most of the back row action. It was amazing! Most of the men there would sit down next to a neighbor, take their penis out and engage in a few minutes of slow controlled mutual touching. Then it seemed just before climaxing they would get up walk around, leave the inside of the theater and return to take up with a different partner. Once in a while two men would get up together and either move to the front of the theater or go out toward the concession area (more about that later). Once in a while one of the men would go into convulsions of orgasm, to the delight of all the men around him. After he was done he would zip up and leave the theater. When we first took our seats, a number of men moved to within a few seats of us. But they soon became bored with watching us drink our pop and watch the movie and within 20 minutes or so we were alone. There was no one within several seats of us. An hour into the movie Carol asked me if I wasn't getting rally horny, which I was. Carol promptly announced that she couldn't stand it any longer, unzipped the front of her jeans and put her hand down her front. Within a few seconds her breathing was getting heavy and her eyes were closed. I couldn't stand the sexual tension so I followed her lead, being careful not to give away my activities to the men who were several rows back.

After just a few moments of this Carol leaned over to me and asked if I was touching myself like I sometimes did in bed at night. She told me that she always knew when I was masturbating in bed and that it really aroused her too. I admitted that I was. Then she asked if I would do her a favor and touch her. I had never touched another girl sexually before that moment but I was so incredibly hot that I agreed.

Gently she took my right hand and moved it to her vagina where she guided my fingers back and forth across the tip of her very stiff clitoris. Her clit was wildly different from mine, very stiff and pointy and hard as a rock. I was just beginning to enjoy the feel of her when she literally exploded in my hand. Her orgasm, though stifled, was relatively loud and I was afraid that it would attract attention. After a few minutes she took both of our hands from her jeans and placed them down the front of my pants where they joined my left hand in touching my vagina. I did not offer any resistance. My orgasm came in seconds and surely gave our activities away to the men behind us. Within minutes they were sitting all about us watching for a show. We got up to leave but Carol said that she had to pee really badly so we entered the Lady's Room. I also had to pee. The sexual tension as well as the pop which we drank had filed our bladders to bursting.

Amazingly when we entered the washroom, it was filled with men. We were both shocked. But it was now obvious what they were doing. There were men in the stalls paired up and giving each other oral sex while others were waiting for turns inside the stalls. One man who was embarrassed by us offered to clear one of the stalls for us but we both decided that going to the bathroom in there would be way too scary. We left the restroom but Carol said that there was no way she could make it back to school without peeing. Then we got the idea to go back into the theater and pee inside of our pop cups. We found a place with no people about halfway down the side aisle. Carol really had to go and she began unzipping her jeans again but we were soon joined by a number of men who walked down the aisle and took sets within sight of us. We were afraid to pull our pants down to pee into the cups and sat there for some time wondering what to do, hoping that they would all go away and leave us to relieve ourselves.

After a minute Carol leaned over to me and said that she just couldn't hold it any longer and that she was going to let a little out right there in her pants. As I watched her she closed her eyes, leaned back and started to pee right through her pants. "Oh shit," she said in a whisper, "I'm going to let it all go." I watched in awe as pee gradually soaked her jeans and ran onto the floor under her seat. It reminded me of a scene from grade school which had been wildly erotic even before I knew what to make of it when a friend peed herself in class. When she was done Carol put her arm on my shoulder and told me that I had better pee too. I told her that I was nervous about it and to my surprise she put her hand gently on my tummy and encouraged me. She gently rubbed my tummy through my jeans, putting pressure on my belly and whispered for me to let it go. Ever so slowly she inched her hand down to my vulva and whispered that I should relax and do it. She said that she wanted to feel my warm pee on her hand.

Now I was so aroused again that I didn't know what to do but I knew that I would never make it back to school without relieving myself. So I leaned back and let go. As my urine gradually soaked the front of my jeans and my chair Carol's hand found its way, even though the top of my jeans, to my newly stiffening clitoris and she pressed against me with the heel of her hand. The sensations that shot through me were like an electric shock. I was peeing and climaxing at the same time--an experience that I have never again been able to duplicate. We got up, walked out and never returned to the theater although I have dreamed about it ever since. We also never touched each other after that although we talked about masturbating several times and we both became reckless with our personal masturbation sessions at night. We're both married now and live in different towns. But I dream about a reunion with Carol and going back to that same theater.



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