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My Obligatory First Masturbation Story

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I was an ordinary boy, until one day, he fulfilled his destiny.... to.... masturbate


After years of countless orgasms and education thanks to this site, I guess it's long overdue of me to submit a story. Enjoy!

Id always been somewhat sexual since I was very young. I would love thinking about girls in my classes naked, and would get small erections. I would play with these of course, but never for any real pleasure, just for fun/boredom. But for years and years, I had girls and sex on my mind.

When I was a freshman in high school, I had to read a book in which a man put his hand on the thigh of another girl. Mild as that was, it made me horny somehow, and I knew I had to find out more about sex. Off to Wikipedia, where I came face to face with some graphic, yet non-sexual, pictures of genitalia. One thing led to another, and I was spending quite a bit of my days enamored with the free preview pictures of cheap paid porn sites. And then I discovered free porn, and too much time was wasted there.

Then, the fateful day that I found Solotouch. I fell in love with the amateur nature of the stories, the innocence, yet how they were actually well written (I found a similar site a few months earlier but the grammar was atrocious).

Yet, I never really got to masturbate through this. Half was because I though the whole thing was dirty (as most of us do when we first start) but it also never quite appealed to me. I did try the standard pumping up and down technique a few times, but being both smaller back then, as well as circumcised, I didn't find much pleasure from it.

Oddly during this time, though, I did experiment a bit with fingering my ass. I would occasionally lube it up with soap in the shower and just play around a bit, nothing ever too extreme. So for about five months my sex life consisted of watching bad porn, reading stories here, and occasionally some anal play.

The all changed about a week before my fifteenth birthday. I was in the shower, hard and thinking of cute girls. I was just playing around, and I kinda decided to try masturbating again, not expecting much to happen. From what I had learned from porn, the underside of my cock head was where the male pleasure really hid, and lubricant was always my friend. So, I soaped up and started lighting rubbing the underside of my cock.

It felt good as I fantasized and rubbed, better than most times but nothing special. I went at it for a few minutes, then suddenly I felt it about to hit. I held my breath to stay silent as my whole body shuddered, my cock twitching with it, once, twice, three times. Somehow I didn't fall over, but as I slowly tried to catch my breath I knew I would be doing it again.

Cue the post-first-masturbation-to-orgasm guilt.

I managed to convince myself that it wasn't really a true masturbation since I didn't really ejaculate, but that would be solved the next time I masturbated



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