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My Niece Again

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A lovely story about my niece


A couple of weeks ago I had been working from home when I heard a visitor at the door around 3:30 in the afternoon. As it was hot at the time, I just had shorts (no underwear) and a t-shirt on. It was my 18 year old niece Laura at the door, she had left her house keys at home that morning and couldn't get in until after 5pm when one of her parents were home from work. "Do you mind if I chill out here for a while?" she asked. I said I didn't and she came in. I made her a cool drink and went back into the study to finish my work on the PC. "Just going to the bathroom," she called from the kitchen, and disappeared for five minutes. When she returned, she sat in the easy chair opposite my computer desk and began sorting through her school bag.

Having finished school for the day, Laura still had her uniform on, which consisted of a tight, white blouse (she was a 36-C bust already); short, dark blue, pleated skirt; and white ankle socks. She settled in the chair and began reading one of her books. We chatted idly as we went about our work, and I managed to sneak a few glances at her legs as she was engrossed in her book. Having settled low in the chair, her skirt had ridden up and I had a fantastic view of her lovely legs. They were slightly tanned, with that soft and smooth look of a young girl's flesh. Having been recently divorced from my ex-wife (her aunt), and not having had the pleasure of a woman in my life for some time, I could feel myself hardening as I glanced at her. I managed to adjust my cock in my shorts without her seeing, or so I thought!

She settled further into the easy chair and parted her legs slightly. I could now see almost to the top of her thighs, and noticed her nipples were beginning to show through her blouse. I wasn't sure what she was reading as it had a plain cover, so I asked, "Is it a good book?"

As she turned to answer me, her thighs parted even further and I noticed she had a tight pair of white panties on. She must have noticed me looking up her skirt and said, "Obviously not as good as what you're looking at!"

"Sorry," I replied, "I should know better."

"I don't mind," Laura said. "Actually I'm reading 'Sons and Lovers' and it's getting quite steamy. It's beginning to get me horny and my nipples are getting hard," she said, at which point she put her book down and advanced towards me.

I moved back from the computer desk, while she swung her leg over and sat astride me. Her panty-covered pussy was now pressing my hard cock against my stomach. "Will you kiss my nipples for me?" she asked. (This wasn't the first of our 'adventures' together.) "Sure," I said, and unbuttoned her blouse. Much to my surprise she was braless, and those beautiful teenage breasts were out on show. I leaned forward and took her left nipple in my mouth. I began to gently nibble and suck it, whilst she purred with delight. "That feels soooo good," she said, as I moved to her other nipple and did likewise. I had been caressing the tops of her thighs and moved around to her butt. Her soft skin felt good under my fingers, as I continued away with her nipples. She began to rock up and down on my stiff cock and I could feel her dampness through our clothing. She moved back a little and I began to stroke her panty-covered pussy with my fingers. "Oh, I've gotta cum," she said. So I moved her panties to one side and slowly encircled her clit. Every so often I would slide a finger into her vagina whilst still sucking on those nipples. I pushed my middle two fingers inside her and continued the pressure on her clit with the flat of my hand. "Oh God, I'm cumming," she said. She began shaking and rocked herself against my hand. She grabbed the back of my head and forced me onto her breast as her orgasm began. "Oh fuck, fuck!" she cried as the stimulation of breast, clit and vagina led her over the edge. I had never heard my sweet niece swear before and was somewhat surprised, she must be enjoying this I thought to myself. Her nipples were engorged and her pussy was leaking juices over my fingers. "Oh thanks Uncle, I needed that," she said as her orgasm subsided. She was out of breath and leaned her head on my shoulder as she regained her composure.

"What about you, Unc?" she asked as she reached inside my shorts and began to massage my leaking cock. I had no intentions of intercourse with her as she was my niece, but a handjob would be good.

"I want to cum over your breasts," I said. Laura slid off my lap and stood before me. She took her blouse and skirt off and knelt between my open legs in just her panties and ankle socks. I began stroking furiously, knowing I was not far away from cumming.

"I'll do that for you," she said and grabbed my cock in her small, delicate hand.

Within just a few seconds I could feel my balls tighten and the spunk rising. "Here it comes," I cried as I released four or five ropes of cum over her chin, breasts and stomach. She continued milking my cock until I was totally spent.

"I nearly caught one in the eye," she joked, as I began to recover.

"Thanks," I said, "I needed that as much as you needed yours."

She rose from her kneeling position and began to dress. "I have to get home now, but you can keep these," and handed my her soaked panties. She declined the offer of a lift home, and gave me a quick flash of her bare butt as she went down my path. "We must do this again sometime," she said before disappearing down the street.

"Yes," I said thoughtfully.



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