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My Niece

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It was summer and the family had a simple gathering - a sort of a swimming party in my oldest sister's house. It was just among us - relative of the first degree. To make the story short, after the whole day swimming and eating, we had to rush to rinse ourselves and get dressed for home. It came that everybody had rinsed themselves except my niece and myself. Since we were both young, we agreed to take the showers together. My niece was 13 and I was 17. I was just older by 4 years, so basically we can still relate with each other. We were of the same height but my niece was a bit chubbier.

Anyway, as soon as we reached the shower room, we undressed our swimming suits. And we were totally naked. As 'kids', we certainly did not mind the situation. We were enjoying the showers when my niece suddenly looked at me and glanced at my mound. She commented 'Auntie, why are you so bushy down there?' So I looked at her mound and noticed that she doesn't have any hair yet in her mound. But her breasts were much emphasized than mine. So I answered 'It got to be bushy because I am older than you. You will soon have yours.' Then I continued '...but your breasts are much bigger than mine.' Then we laughed.

All the while we were taking showers, I noticed that my niece never took her eyes from my breasts and mound. Intermittently, she would look at my eyes, and we giggled. I was totally surprised when out of nowhere she asked 'Auntie, can I possibly touch your bushy thing down there? I would just like to have a feel of the hair...' I nodded. Then I tiptoed a bit and arched my knees so that my legs were a bit apart to give her access to my pussy. She reached for my pussy but not only touched the hair but capped my pussy. I felt her palm brushing along the length of my pussy to and fro several times. And although she was doing it rather innocently, it gave me a lot of tingling sensation. We were very quiet but managed to smile at each other.

I heard my niece say in a low voice: 'Auntie, why is it slippery there?'

I then realized that I had started to get wet with her touching. So I motioned her to remove her hand. Then, I slipped my hand between my thighs and reached for my slit. I discreetly rubbed circularly my clit. At that time, I have tried to touch myself alone already.

My niece called my attention again. She said: 'What are you doing Auntie?' I just simply said: 'ummm... quiet...'

I can't understand but I got so excited with the fact that someone was watching me naked and I couldn't control myself to feel very horny. The sight of my niece perplexed on what was happening to me was so erotic that it sent waves of tingling sensation all over my body. When I reached for my pussy, I was already wet, silky and slippery. My nipples hardened up and I saw my niece taking her glances between my mound and my breasts.

When I started to feel that I was about to cum, I gently held my niece close to me and hugged her as I continued to rub my genitalia. Then my whole body arched and stiffened, my legs quivered and squeezed my arm in between, and I gave out a series of rhythmic moans. I gasped for air, growled and whimpered in ecstacy. I couldn't believe I cummed so quickly, and almost discreetly.

My niece just looked at me, smiled, and was perhaps confused.

Then we continued our shower. We dressed up and ran outside to the van waiting for us. Along the way, I explained everything to my niece and asked her not to mention what had happened to my sister (her mom) or to any of our relatives.



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