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My Next Door Neighbour.

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I watched Shel the girl next door mature from a flirty uninhibited teenager to a married woman,who completely blew my mind.

Being a single male and a long distance transport Company owner and driver, going all over Canada and the USA, I would be gone weeks at a time. Bringing home a lady friend, fuck buddy to spend a few days with me was not unusual. Living out of the way beside the lake,provided a fair amount of privacy except for my next door neighbors. However,having known Shel for years,and even though I had a thing for her, I kept it to myself,after all she was now married woman and a mom. Our relationship was more like brother and sister,I would spend as much time at her house as she at mine, sharing a coffee in the morning or a drink later in the day. Her husband was a strange duck,very straight laced and kept very much to his self. This day when I arrived home, I was looking forward to having a few weeks of off time, I had hired a driver to drive my truck so I could do some work around the house and have some time to myself and being my usual smart ass self, I went next door and asked Shel for my coffee, sat down at the kitchen table and informed her,"You are going to have to put up with me for the next two weeks at least. Drinking our coffee and making small talk,telling her about the places I had been and her telling me what had been happening here at home, bitching about her pregnancy and how uncomfortable she was getting,how happy she would be whan the baby came out in 3 or 4 weeks. She informed me that," if you are going to around for that length of time,you are going to have to be more careful about your dress code, if I can see you running around without clothes,so can my kids, Don't get me wrong I like what I see when you are like that,but you have to hide it from the kids" It goes without saying,she caught me completely of guard,having always thought I was being careful and discreet about my being naked around the house. Realizing what she had just said, I couldn't resist and blurted out "that's not fair,you get to see me running around naked,but I never get to see you that way,now would be a good time to even things and let me have a look?' Turning beet red,she stammered "no one has ever seen me naked and I'm certainly nothing to look at right now with my big belly and bloated body" "Yes sure you've been married for how many years and no one has ever seen you naked?"I said. "How did you manage to be pregnant with you're third baby and your husband not seeing you nude?" "as far as he is concerned being nude is a private thing and you keep it to yourself, we change our clothes in the bathroom and keep covered up,have you not noticed that since I got married I haven't had a bikini bathing suit, that I always wear a full one piece now?" Realizing that even though we have had some open and at times frank and kinky discussions, it dawned on me that when it came to her things got brushed aside,that more times than not it was me answering personal questions got her. Figuring that now was as good a time as any, I told her,"I'll make you a deal,you show me yours and I'll show you mine right here and now, show me your beautiful ripe pregnant body with those big milk filled tits?" Standing up I started taking my clothes off and told her" come on you take yours off, you have no idea how much and how badly I want to see you undressed " As I was standing naked in front of her she once again turned beet red with her eyes glued on my dick that was slowly starting to rise from the anticipation of seeing her naked. Moving over in front of her,I told her"we do one of two things,you walk away or I'm going to undress you!" Seeing the look of uncertainty on her face I started to unbutton her top removed it and grabbed he heavy milk filled tits lifting them and caressing them through her bra,lifting the out one at a time and kiss them,sliding my tongue all over them going back and forth from one to the other. Suddenly pushing me away she dropped down on her knees in front of me and started handling my cock, saying almost under her breath, "I have wanted to do this for ever,I love this monster!", At that she started pumping my cock with both hands and all the while kissing and licking the head of it. As much as I loved what she was doing,I desperately needed to reciprocate what she was doing and wanted so badly to taste her swollen pregnant pussy. Telling her "wait a minute lets go into the bedroom so we can both enjoy"I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom,standing beside the bed I grabbed the top of her track pants and pulled the down, taking her sexy sheer thong panties down with it,telling her "I love your taste in underwear!" "That is your fault"she informed me," I just started wearing stuff like that in the last year,because I know how much you like it" Not understanding what she meant,I asked her "how could be responsible for that?" That was when she informed me,"the cat is out of the bag now,so I may just as well tell you, I have been watching you and your lady friends for quite q while now, I would wait until you turned your living room lights out and turned the bedroom lights on and seeing as how you never close the drapes,I would stand on my milk crate and masturbate myself while watching you, I don't know how you never caught on,some of the noises I made while getting myself off?" Again realizing I didn't know Shel half as well as I thought I did,but at the same time knowing,the sky was the limit, I pushed her down on the bed, spread her legs wide apart and started kissing and licking her now soaked pussy, sliding first one finger in and working my way to four all the while finger fucking her and flicking and sucking her clit,in no time at all she had a climax so strong that she shook and convulsed all over the bed,moaning and gasping,"how much she needed and wanted that." No sooner had she caught her breath and she pushed me down on the bed and proceeded to pump my cock constantly sliding her tongue all around the head of it and telling it to cum for me you beautiful monster cum for me let me taste you" Being as turned on as I was, in no time at all I could feel my seed start boiling and shot I don't know how many thick strong loads of my cum at and in her mouth. That was the beginning of a ongoing relationship,that to this day is going strong.



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