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My New York Aunt Masturbates Me

Posted by: Author: Age: 23 Posted on: 6 comments
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My New York Aunt pampers me


My favorite Aunt is married to a much older man and has always spoiled me since I was a youngster. I would spend summers visiting for a few weeks at a time and I had been turned on by her since I was in high school. Recently, I was visiting with my parents and sister and they went out shopping with my uncle. I stayed to help out around the house. My Aunt is very tall, six feet and slim with small breasts. She has a laundry room in her basement and I even changed out of a wet bathingsuit in front of her when she offered to put it in the dryer, I had my back turned but my penis was nearly fully erect and I made it a point to turn towards her pulling my jeans on! At 40 years old she is as attractive as they get, beautiful in fact. Very athletic and outgoing and works out regularly. Her husband is 22 years older than her and she married him when she was quite young. Back to the laundry room situation, when I exposed myself to her, she giggled and said I was very bad and went upstairs. She said if it wasn't that I was her favorite nephew she would have told my parents! When we were chatting in the kitchen, she said that I was very well developed and was shocked to see me fully hard and that my cock is quite long. She said she knew I would be like that since she had seen me nude when I was little and it was very long even then. She whispered that my uncle is not at all interested in sex and actually has a very small penis and she is frustrated with him. I told her I was proud of my body and what is the big deal of being nude in front of my aunt even at 21, erection or not! She said it may lead to other things so best not to do it since she was still a very horny woman and did find it stimulating. She then changed the subject and I went to their in ground swimming pool to tan for a while. I returned to the house a while later and she was watching tv, I asked her to rub sunburn lotion on me and she said okay. I was wearing my bathing suit and she told me to take those wet trunks off and gave me a towel. I stripped in front of her and I saw her looking at my soft penis, I was fully shaved and circumcised. She slapped my bum and said cover up! I stood there and she rubbed the lotion on my back and then my chest, I dropped the towel and was fully erect, my penis is larger than average, nearly 8 inches long and about 6 1/2 inches round at the base, pretty thick. She said "what am I going to do with you? You need a girlfriend to milk that big tool often to take care of your hormones"! Then she slapped my penis saying there that will make it go soft, well it did not. Then she grabbed it and squeezed it hard saying there it serves you right!! Well it stayed hard and the squeezing just made things worse. I took her hand and placed it on my throbbing penis and asked her to rub the lotion there, please as a favor and show me your boobs, she looked astonished and unbuttoned her blouse, and removed it, keeping her bra on, she got to her knees, rubbing the lotion on my penis, slowly stroking it up and down...long strokes, then she said "tell me before you cum" and as I was about to cum, she placed the head of my cock against her face and stroked even faster and it shot all over her face and onto the floor....laughing she said " hurry up and get dressed'! Then she said with remorse OMG, we shouldn't have done that, "what came over me?" She went quickly to her bathroom and closed the door and cleaned up! I listened at the door and I could faintly hear a buzzing sound and then some moans even with the fan on and I knew what was happening, she was masturbating herself. All I could think of was it felt great ejaculating on her like that and I wanted it again. Soon everyone returned and not a word was said between us about what happened. That weekend I called and asked to drop by, my uncle was away on business and I offered to cut her lawn for a lunch. Again not a word was said When I was done, I went in she was watching TV again and I walked in asking her a favor, to follow me, she looked confused and followed me to the guest bedroom, I pulled off my T Shirt and shorts and asked her to make me cum again. Without saying a word, she poured baby oil all over my cock and stroked me until I came, spurting all over my chest and neck, breathing hard it even made my toes curl!. It was awesome...she smiled watching me ejaculate, her opened blouse and no bra was beautiful, her small breasts are like ski slopes, curving up with perfect nipples, she made me promise to keep it our secret. Even to this day it continues when ever I visit and she is alone she will masturbate me although I am not allowed to touch her. Now she lays nude next to me and she masturbates with a vibrator, and she has me stroke my cock and ejaculate for her..



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