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My New Way To Get the Big O

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I masturbate pretty regularily (have ever since I was twelve) and for the longest time all I would do is finger my clit until I came. This has worked great for me and is still my favorite way to cum. However, a few weeks ago I was wanting something different, or something more than my fingers alone. I had a friend, a few years ago, (she has moved to a different state now) who I used to talk to about sex and masturbation, and one day out of the blue she told me that her and her then boyfriend had tried anal sex. She said, that at first it hurt but as soon as she relaxed she loved it and had a very intense orgasm.

So, I started thinking about that and the more I thought about it, the more curious I became. I tried to lay in bed and finger my pussy with one hand and put a finger in my ass with my other hand, but I couldn't reach round very well, and I soon got frustrated and gave up. However the curiosity didn't go away, so I began to find something around the house I could use for a makeshift anal toy.

A few weeks ago I finally found it! My brother is a police officer and has moved out of the house but has left some of his equipment behind. I was looking in the closet for something totally different when I came across his old billy club. It is six inches long and rather wide with a nicely rounded tip. 'Perfect', I thought. I grabbed it, rushed into my bedroom and after fingering myself a little I got really wet. I used my own juices to lubricate my anus and the tip of the club. Then I relaxed as much as I possibly could and placed the tip against my tight butt hole. I began to push and could feel the intense pressure on my anus. I tried to slow my breathing down to relax myself further as I push in a little harder. I could feel my butt hole opening up a little as the tip just started to go in. I pushed a little harder and felt it finally break through. There was a sharp pain and I gasped as I let go for a minute. Now I was scared but still I was determined not to back down. I took at least ten deep breaths and pushed further. It slid in deeper. I could feel it filling up my ass!

I held it in place with my foot as I thrust my hips slowly, causing it to slide in and out. The pain wasn't as intense as it was when it first penetrated and to be honest, it was really beginning to feel good. I found a steady rhythm with my hips and then began to finger my clit. I started thrusting my hips faster and the club began to slide in deeper. My ass felt so full and wonderful as my clit was pounding harder than it ever had before. In no time at all I was on my way to the most powerful orgasm I had ever felt in my life (with or without anyone). I couldn't help but moan, clinch my teeth and grunt as I knew I was about to cum hard.

But then something happened that surprised me. Just as I felt my pussy start to cum, I could feel my butt hole contracting hard around the club and the contractions were like a second orgasm! It was like having two orgasms at the same time one in my pussy and one deep inside my ass! I bucked, shuddered, shook, twisted and arched my back as I rode out every earth shattering wave. When I was done I pulled the club slowly and carefully out of my ass. I lay there totally spent, relaxed but wiped out! I drifted off into a deep sleep. I woke up a half hour later with the billy club laying next to me. I went for round two and had another explosive orgasm! Now, it is my favorite way to jill off! In fact, I think my pussy and my butt could use a little attention about now. Typing this has made me really horny and wet. I gotta go and take care of myself.




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