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My new masturbation method

Posted by: Age: 74 Posted on: 15 comments
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After a lifetime of masturbation I've come up with a new (for me anyway) method.

Like most people here I've masturbated my whole life.  I started around the age of 13 and I'm now 74 so that's a lot of jerking.  But until quite recently is was always the same method - wrap the hand around the cock and go to it.  My "new method" started this way - my wife has zero interest in any form of sex anymore so to prevent the "boredom" of masturbating the same old way I started to experiment.

The first method I tried was rubbing my frenulum, just behind the head of of my cock, with a single finger.  The first time I did it, by just wiggling a finger tip, it almost made me pass out when I came - it was the best orgasm of my life . much better than fucking my wife bareback for the first time and shooting cum up inside her.

But after a while the novelty of the "finger wiggle" wore off. This led me to the next method.  This way - lay on the bed with no pants on.  Erect cock laying in stomach.  Place the left hand, (I use my left) with fingers splayed out, flat on the back side of the cock with the thumb on the frenulum and my last two fingers cupping my balls.  The other two fingers are spread out along the cock.

Now begin to massage - up & down and around & around.  Vary the motion.  Find the spots and actions that feel the best.  Vary them.  So the whole cock, from behind the balls to behind the head is being massaged in a variety of movements.  Be creative!

This method is silent compared to "normal" masturbation so you can even do it next to a sleeping wife - or even other people in a tent.

Keep it up and you will be rewarded with a mind-blowing orgasm.



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