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My Neighbors Son

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From the balcony of my apartment I had a really good view of my neighbors son's bedroom. When I first noticed this I suppose he was 18 years old. It must not have occurred to him that I could observe almost every move he made when his lights were on as he always had the window curtains wide open. He looked to be what one would consider to be an average teenage guy with a strong sexual desire. He would masturbate almost every evening whilst laying on his bed. Most of the time he would lube up his penis and edge it for while until he couldn't take it any longer and then start stroking rapidly releasing his load onto his stomach.

At first I was fascinated by his masturbation and his devotion to it. However, after several months of observing his almost daily routine his ritual became annoying. He would stand in front of his dresser mirror observing his body, his erection while flexing his muscles and admiring his male attributes.

In late spring the apartment complex pool was opened and I met him at the pool laying in the sun. I struck up a conversation with him and he seemed to be quite intelligent and knowledgeable in current affairs. We became 'poolside' friends as we usually tanned together and chatted. On frequent occasions I would observe a bulge growing under his swimming trunks. Before the 'bulge' would get out of hand he would get in the still cool water and the 'bulge' would subside after a few minutes.

One day I asked him if he had any girlfriends and to my surprise he said no, just a couple of dates every now and then. He told me that, other than his mother, I was the only female that he had talked to this much and that he appreciated me for being willing to talk to him so openly. With that said, I asked him if he would like to go up to my apartment and have some iced tea.

As we were standing on my balcony drinking our iced tea, a look of terror overcame his face as he realised one could see into his bedroom from this viewpoint. I admitted to him that I had been observing his masturbation activities for the past several months. His face flushed red and he was lost for words. Finally he asked me if I enjoyed watching him. I told him that at first I was fascinated watching him, then annoyed, and then, as I got to know him that I began to enjoy them again.

I was becoming pretty wet between my legs and on impulse I asked him if I could masturbate in front of him. We went to the inside of my apartment as I stripped naked and laid on the couch, placing my right hand over my pussy and fingering my lips. He watched me in amazement and took off his trunks, stroking his erection. We were both quite aroused and I could feel my juices starting to really flow. Soon, he got up and ejaculated all over my breasts, with loud moans and I had a tremendous orgasm just after his.

For the next six months, as he went on to college that fall, we became mutual masturbation buddies. He often came to my apartment, we would sit around in the nude watching TV or movies. He would play with himself openly and I would do the same often ending with performing other sexual acts on each other. He was a nice guy, I wonder what ever happened to him, as I moved to another city when he left for college.



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