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My Mother in Laws Best Friend

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Ever since I can recall starting to masturbate in earnest, I have always had fantasies about older or mature women. I was always sizing up the females who would visit my parents home, checking out their tits, arse, legs and anything else that appealed to me to be locked away in the volt in my mind so as to be recalled later that night as I rubbed my penis. Among the many women I have encountered in my 50 year lifetime, one in particular held significant appeal for me. She was my mother in law's best friend, and her neighbor. I knew her before I met my wife as I completed some building work on the cattle property owned by the woman, we will call Anne, and her husband. Anne was about 38 when I first met her, perhaps a year or two younger. A pleasant looking woman, not beautiful, but attractive. She had very small breasts but an arse I fell in love with. She worked at a school in a small town near the property, and her husband ran the property. He worked hard, also did some timber cutting, but was a heavy drinker and was drunk most evenings. While carrying out the carpentry work on their home my concentration was continually broken with Anne waking around in skirts that when she bent over afforded a wonderful glimpse of panties. Just her house dresses for around the homestead duties, but the hem fell halfway between knee and waist. She was a picture hanging washing on the clothesline, bobbing up and down pegging clothing on the line before bending over to retrieve another item. Sometimes her panties were caught between her bum cheeks. I was in a constant state of arousal, but as I wore a tool bag my bulge was covered. One morning Anne was ironing in an area of the house near where I was working on a new roof frame. I accidently dropped my saw, which meant I had to climb down and back up to retrieve the saw. Anne heard the metal saw hit the ground and popped out on the steps to see if she could help. She gathered the saw and passed it to me on the roof frame, me crouching down to grasp it. She smiled and stayed looking up for a while. When I stood back up I realized as I don't wear underwear, my balls & cock would have protruded through the leg of my shorts. The thought of her checking my credentials had me very horny. At lunch time I raced to the toilet and wanked off furiously. Once the work was finished I saw Anne from time to time but not often. Soon after, I met my wife who was from the same area as Anne & her husband. The wife's family was also on a cattle property, neighbouring where Anne was. I saw Anne often visiting the wife's mother, Nola. Anne and I became very close friends, as the families already were and I was marrying in to one family. Of course it helped that I had already known Anne. The families would holiday at the beach together and I would be purving on Anne in her swimsuit, trying not to be obvious. But, as a mature women perhaps 19 years my senior, I am sure she new. Something very special happened soon after. My father in law and I went to Anne's property to help with some cattle work for a few hours. I need not have gone as I don't ride horses and that was required. Once the two men decided on a plan to achieve what they had to do, I was left without a job to do to help. They decided on a cup of coffee before heading off up the paddock, and Anne set the kitchen table for the three of us and then announced she had been working in the garden all morning and was in need of a shower. When I had sat at the table earlier I did not realize that I was facing Anne & her husband's bedroom door. The bedroom was a little way at the end of a hallway. My father in law & Anne's husband were facing the opposite direction but not directly over from me. Anne put some biscuits on the table and headed off to the bedroom. My eyes burned into her arse as she walked down the hall to the bedroom door. She opened the door, which was directly opposite the bathroom, and went in, not closing the door. I was a little amazed that Anne appeared to be undressing just inside the open door. A little more concentration convinced me she was, she still had a blouse on, but her skirt had been dropped to the floor. Next the blouse was off over her head. I then expected the door to shut, bit she then took her bra off while facing me and looking straight at me. My cock nearly busted out of my jeans as she slid her panties down over her knees. She had a very healthy bush of black pubic hair. She turned to pick something up and there was that arse, bent over in all its glory. I was listening to what the other two men at the table were saying but didn't have a clue what was said. Pam then briskly walked across the hall to the bathroom, all the time looking at me, totally naked. I wasn't quite sure what to think, just that I had been in the right place at the right time. I sat there in wonderment thinking how I was to react the next time I saw her. Ten minutes or so later the bathroom door opens and the sweet scent of deodorant wafts down the hall. Anne emerges, again completely naked and walks back across to the bedroom, looking my way again, this time with a big smile. She then dresses in another blouse and some shorts in my full view before joining us back in the kitchen. She got around as if nothing had happened, clearing dishes, wiping benches. Anne's husband & my father in law finished their coffee and chat and headed out to the horse stable, and I said I would return in a few hours to collect father in law as I wasn't needed to help them. Anne was on the back ramp with me as they rode off, passing a water bottle to her husband. We watched them ride off about 50 metres, her making jokes about her husband's riding finesse. She then asked me back in, "you had intended to stay anyway" she commented. Now I felt uncomfortable. She offered me a seat again at the kitchen table, while busying herself tidying up. We were talking, though I was still totally mesmerized, and she disappeared into a pantry behind me. Next, as she continued chatting, she moved behind my chair and grasped my shoulders. I didn't know what to do, first time with a much older woman, newly married, but Anne started to massage my shoulders and neck. She continued on the subject we were discussing before softly whispering, did you enjoy my bath. I just nodded and kept staring straight ahead while she kept up the massage treatment, her hands now venturing down over my chest. Suddenly she withdrew and walked away from me, I thought to the pantry behind me again. This took less than a minute it seemed before returning to my now relaxed shoulders and neck. She then undid the upper buttons on my shirt, sliding her hands over my bare chest. All of a sudden she edged around in front of me and I was aware she was naked. Her tits, little more that bumps with smaller sized nipples, but the pubic brush was amazing. Here I was with it all well within arms reach for me. She asked if I would like to massage her a little. Awkwardly I said yeas, and stood up as she lay across the kitchen table. I was still very nervous, but tentatively moved my hands over the skin of her shoulders and neck. I may have been nervous but my cock was hard as a rock. I cast a glance down her body and there was that arse. It was everything I had imagined, or fantasized. I edged down and kneaded the two magnificent buns, not quite believing what was happening. She slid off the table and proceeded to unbutton the rest of my shirt. She then unzipped my fly and my denims fell to the ground. I kicked off my runners and just stood there in front of her. Her fingers reached for my groin and traced the shape of my cock through the material. All I could think of is here is a women twice my age and she is about to put her hand on my cock. She plucked my stiff penis out of my underwear and stroked me a dozen or so times. Then she slid my undershorts off. This had her eye to eye with my swollen organ. She wrapped her hand around it again and then engulfed it in her mouth. This was heaven. She pushed my foreskin back to its limit and slid her lips and flicking tongue over me. I couldn't take much more of that, and she seemed to sense as much, rising back up in front of me. She then walked over to the plush couch, kneeling on the front of the couch and leaning forward against the back of the seat. She asked if I would touch her. I never responded, verbally anyway. I sidled up to her beautiful arse and gently eased my fingertips through the padding of soft pubic curls until I contacted the warm moist flesh of her slit. She buried her head in the back of the couch moaning as I slid two fingers up and down the length of her slit. She was so very wet, as she whimpered and groaned and swayed here arse around my hand. She sounded like she may cum soon with the sounds she was making; this was very different to fucking my new wife who was my same age. Anne knew exactly what she wanted for maximum pleasure. She whispered to stop with the fingers and fuck her. My cock was so ready I wasn't sure I would even get into what proved to be the hairiest pussy I have ever seen. I rubbed the glans of my cock up and down her slit a few times like my wife likes and then eased it into her twitching vagina. She braced herself against the chair while I drove my cock into her. I was totally overcome by the lust of the situation and didn't realize she wanted me to put a finger in her arse hole, but she slowed things down to get the message through. I slowed down as I commenced easing my finger in her bum hole and now she was really groaning and pushing her pelvis back at me. Suddenly she let out a couple of very shrill squeals which scared the hell out of me; my new wife doesn't make that noise I thought. I had slowed my thrusting after the surprise of the noises and could feel her pussy clenching convulsively on my cock and her arse hole on my finger. The whole experience had me a fever pitch the, and the smell in my nostrils was all engrossing as I drove into her, she easing over the main thrust of her orgasm. The head of my cock was tugging on the folds in her pussy and I closed my eyes and spurted like there was no tomorrow. It was possibly the best orgasm I have ever had. I withdrew my cock and a ribbon of cum oozed in a thread down the back of her leg. She rolled on to her side and I layed on the floor. We cleaned each other up and dressed, with me then in flight mode to beat a hasty retreat as the guilt set in. She kissed me and asked if I would like to do it again, I never said no. She also planted another seed in my mind when she said perhaps we could invite a friend next time, my mother in law and her best friend Nola. I looked at her wide eyed and terrified, but I had secretly harbored a huge desire to fuck my mother in law since I first ever met her. She had magnificent tits and another wonderful mature arse. That's another story. But Anne, I'll never forget her.

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