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My Most Daring Cum

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I'm just glad I didn't get caught...


Back when I was in high school, probably 17 or 18, there was a friend that I was helping with some yard work at his house. It wasn't quite summer yet but it was still pretty hot and the work was definitely dirty. As a payment his mom said that they would have a barbecue for us that night, which was fine by me. Most of the afternoon I helped him and his dad dig, plant, trim branches, etc., and by the time we called it a day I was covered in dirt and dust and soaked with sweat. I had planned on it happening so I was going to take a shower there and switch to some clothes I would be much more comfortable in.

I was probably just standing under the cool water for almost a half hour before I figured I should get out. I dried off and emptied my fresh clothes out of my bag. T-shirt? Check. Gym shorts? Check. Sandals? Check. Underwear? Um...no. Somehow I walked off and forgot them. I definitely wasn't going to put my dirty ones back on, so I just had to go without. The biggest problem happened as soon as I pulled them on, because the slick material felt really nice against my naked ass and cock, and I started to get semi-hard. I waited around and tried to think of something else and finally I was back to being soft, so I went out back where everyone else was.

Luckily the sun was starting to go down, so it wasn't quite as easy to see everything, even with the lights on their deck. It was all going fine for a while, but then his mom and sister came out, and both of them were walking around barefoot. Obviously, I have a foot fetish so just seeing their bare feet had my attention and also had my cock starting to swell. A couple times I had to walk off to the side and tuck my hard penis into the waistband of my shorts, just so it wasn't sticking out. I'm glad that when we sat down to eat there was a long tablecloth, because at one point, not only because I had been staring at their bare toes, but also because the warm breeze was going right up my shorts, I was sitting there with a full erection. This went on for a while until I decided to head home, not just because I was tired but also because I needed to cum, and maybe more than once. As soon as I gathered up my dirty clothes and drove off, I slid my shorts down to my knees, my hard cock sticking straight up and the head smeared with precum. I gave it a few strokes and I knew I needed to masturbate and soon. I really didn't want to have my parents see me the way I was, so I had an idea.

The park is closed after dark so I knew there wouldn't be anyone there, and I figured that would be the perfect place to shoot a quick load. I drove around to the back and shut everything off, and when I looked around just to make sure I was alone I got out and started masturbating standing next to my car. It was a little awkward with my shorts still at my knees so I just let them fall to my feet and stepped out. After a few seconds of that I figured that if bottomless felt so good, why not all the way? So in one quick move I pulled off my shirt, leaving me in nothing but my slides.

It didn't even take another minute of hard stroking before I squirted out a huge load of cum. I leaned back against my car and caught my breath, but instead of getting dressed and leaving, I was so comfy being naked I started walking out into the grass a little. I was probably 30 feet from my car or so when I kicked off my sandals and laid on the grass. I just laid there staring at the sky for a little bit until my wet cock started getting hard again. With it stiff I closed my eyes and started stroking again, rubbing the wet spot on my belly and playing with the grass between my toes. This time it took a few more minutes but when I felt my orgasm about to hit, I sat up, got on my knees and shot another big load in the grass. When I came down from that one I figured I needed to go, so I just picked up my sandals and walked back, my still hard penis leading the way. Since I was still wet with cum I just put on my shirt and drove the rest of of the way bottomless and barefoot. By the time I got home it had mostly dried so I slipped them back on and went inside. At that point it was after 12 so my parents were already in bed so I didn't say anything and went for another shower to wash off all my crusty cum. When I got in bed I started thinking about how easy it would have been for someone to catch me out there, but that just got me horny again, so I pulled off my underwear and masturbated one more time, the amount of cum much smaller but still feeling amazing. I didn't even bother cleaning up that time, I just rolled over and fell asleep naked.

That was the only time I masturbated there, mainly because of what could happen if I had gotten caught, but it was definitely one of the most exciting masturbation sessions I've ever had.



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