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My Mom

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I've never masturbated before, and until the Saturday of this story about a year ago, never been masturbated, or had any sexual experience. Not even a snog!

I came in from school one afternoon (me and mom live together, alone), and called for mom, but didn't get an answer. I guessed she must be out. I decided to take a shower. I grabbed some girly pink hot pants, a strappy pink top, and a denim skirt, and took my shower. When I dried and dressed I headed back to my room but realised I had no hair ties. I decided to go to my mom's room and borrow one of hers.

When I got there, I was surprised to see her laying naked on her bed with a hand between her legs, writhing about and moaning! I didn't know what she was doing, but from her noises, I guessed it could be sexual. She turned, and as she saw me, she suddenly sat bolt upright, went deep red, and started to apologise. We had a chat for about two minutes about how she was making herself feel good and relieving tension, but I noticed she was very very wet 'down there' and kept looking there.

Mom asked me if I'd ever had an orgasm, the blank look on my face told her I didn't know what one was. She looked swollen downstairs and her nipples were hard. She told me she was really hot. I told her I wanted to know how to feel hot, and to orgasm, not realising that could have been a bit taboo or what have you! Probably because she was so hot herself, she agreed.

She told me to kneel before her on the bed, but to take off my skirt first. I did. She ran the palm of her hand from my belly to my butt through my hotpants and it felt so so good! I slowly felt myself tense up, getting very wet. She suddenly slid her hand inside my hotpants, and I felt her fingers slip between my labia, which was now very warm and wet. This was sooo intense; she rubbed my 'clitty' as she called it, and soon I was shaking, and I fell on my back, panting. It was the hottest feeling of my life, amazing!

I lay back and relaxed, feeling very blissed out and tired. I noticed, after a few moments, mom was on her back rubbing herself; she looked very 'hot' still. I decided it would only be fair if I tried to repay her by doing to her what she did to me. I knelt over her facing her feet and rubbed her own clitty. She moaned and couldn't keep still, as I worked faster and faster.

I was getting very wet and hot myself. Mom asked if I still felt all hot. I said yes, embarrassed. She suddenly leant up and slid a finger into me!!! I didn't know at the time this was a common activity, but mom sensed I was enjoying it, and eased me back towards her face, so she could do it without risking arm cramp. I stuck a finger into her bits, and she really started to moan.

I orgasmed first, but mom wasn't far behind. We lay asleep for a couple of hours afterwards, and when we woke up, we giggled like schoolgirls who'd just seen their first erection through trousers!

We've not suddenly become lesbian lovers since then, as lots of stories here seem to suggest! However, we've had a few more plays together over the months. Mom told me she's always been straight, and I'm not 'into' girls, so we're never tempted to have oral sex or anything too drastic. But now and again, if there's nothing on TV and we both need relief, we'll curl up on the sofa, and mom will gently rub my labia and I'll gently play with her clit, and we'll orgasm a few times.



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