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My Mates Mum - The beginning

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I suddenly saw her in a whole different way.


When I started nursery school at 3 years old I made friends with a boy who until this day has been my best friend. For the past 20 years we have been inseparable and have been more like brothers than friends. As kids we spent all day at school together and would go to each others houses afterwards. When we reached high school and became of an age where we could do what we wanted and could be at each others houses without having to arrange with our parents first we quite literally became inseparable. We were in the same class at school so were together all day then would either be at his house or mine in the evening then at the weekends we had system where he would stay at mine Friday nights and me at his Saturday nights. Even to this day we live together and work together. Spending so much time together growing up we became a part of each others families. Hi parents treat me like a son and my parents the same for him.

His mum was always really nice and she was beautiful. By the time I hit puberty and started noticing girls I noticed just how much of a looker she was. By this time she was in her late 30's but still had the body of a teenager. I only saw she was sexy and beautiful but not in a sexual way. She was too much like a mum to me and I never saw her in that way....until one day. She always dressed in a way that made her look sexy and classy and she had the mix perfect. This day my mate and I were out in the back garden and we came inside to get a drink. I stayed by the door as I couldn't be bothered taking my shoes off as we were going out again and I was respectful and didn't want to walk through the house in my dirty shoes.

As my mate was in the kitchen, his mum came downstairs and went into the living room. She stood at the computer desk in the corner flicking through some papers. My mate said something and I turned round to answer him. When I turned back round I was stopped dead. She was squatted down looking in the bottom drawer and in the process of squatting down her jeans had ridden down and her lacy black thong was sticking out. I don't just mean peeking out slightly, she had a major whale tail going on. I stared at it, engrossed by the thin sexy material. I could feel my cock twitching in my jeans and shook my head and turned back to talk my mate. I kept glancing round at her thong, feeling my cock getting harder.

My mate came and chucked a can of pop at me and we went back outside. I shook the image out of my head and forgot all about it. Then a couple of weeks later we went into his kitchen and she had on a pair of tight black leggings which you could see the outline of her sexy panties through. Again my cock got excited and I forced myself to ignore it.  The following night she was walking round in a vest top and cotton shorts and I could not stop looking at her. My cock was hardening at the sight of her. It felt weird to be getting turned on by her and I didn't like it. Then came the night she changed.

His parents were going out to a fancy dress party and staying over at the house where the party was so we took over the lounge. We brought our sleeping bags down and his games consoles and laptops and we planned to stay up all night. We were sat on the sofa in our sleeping bags playing a game and she came downstairs and said what do you think. I turned round and almost started drooling. She was standing there in a sexy little police woman costume. She looked amazing. My mate said yeah you look fine and went back to playing.

I laughed and said "Is that i?". I turned back and said, "You look lovely, very nice." She thanked me and went over to the mirror above the fireplace and sorted her make up. From my angle on the sofa I could see up her tiny skirt and could make out a little white thong. Her ass and legs looked phenomenal and I found myself staring at them. My cock hardened and strained against my pants. Luckily I was in my sleeping bag otherwise it would have been on display. I slowly stroked it as I looked at her. It felt so wrong but oh so right. I had to stop as I was getting close to blowing my load all over my sleeping bag. She finished her make up and got sorted and then she and his dad left. The moment they left, I got out of my sleeping bag and said I was going to the toilet. My mate grunted in response, engrossed in the game.

I went upstairs into the bathroom and pulled my pants down and let my cock spring free. I began to stroke it and being a horny teenage boy it didn't take much before I was shooting my cum into the sink. I stroked some more thinking about her. By now it didn't feel weird any more, she may have been like a mum to me but she was so damn sexy. I pictured her in her costume flashing her sexy knickers and I came again. I washed the evidence away and sorted myself out. I went back downstairs and back into my sleeping bag.

From that day on she became the subject of many sexual fantasies....if only I knew of the things that would happen. To be continued......



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