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My Masturbation History

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This is the story of my masturbation history. I hope you enjoy it.


I have been reading Solo Touch for about five or six years and I am so turned on by all of the stories. I am currently a 19-year-old sophomore in college, but I would like to tell you about how I discovered masturbation.

The story begins when I was 12. When I was 12 I was home alone a lot so I would have to find things to do. One day I was bored, so I went into the garage. I was looking through the books my parents had stored in there and I came across one that looked pretty interesting. It was The Psychology of Sex by Havelock Ellis. I started to look it. I saw a lot of things that turned me on. I especially enjoyed reading the stories of sexual development.

My parents came home and wanted me to do something for them, so I took the book and hid it in my room. I had to go do some chores and eat dinner. I was really excited for later because I knew I would read the book some more.

After dinner I did my homework and my parents wanted me to get ready for bed since I had school the next day. I showered and brushed my teeth. I changed into my pajamas to go to bed. I went into my room and locked the door. I got the book out and began to read it.

I came to a story that talked about how a young boy masturbated. I was interested and my dick began to get hard. I took off my pajamas and was just in my white briefs. My dick was pushing through the fabric of my briefs so I stood up and took them off. My dick sprung out of my briefs. At this time it was probably about five inches and I had a fair amount of pubic hair. My pubic hair began to come in was I was about 10.

In the book it said the boy grabbed his dick at the base and shook it back and forth. I was going to try this for the first time ever. I grabbed my dick at the base and shook it back it forth. This felt really good so I continued to do it. In the book I had read about how if you go long enough white stuff will come out of your dick and you will have a real good feeling. I kept at this for about ten minutes. My breathing was really fast and I began to feel as if something good was about to happen. I began to feel the cum coming up my dick and then all of a sudden white stuff began shooting out of my dick. It came up and landed near my mouth so I licked it up. Little did I know how much I would enjoy licking up other boys cum when I got older.

When I woke up the next morning I had a morning erection and I just had to masturbate before school. I would learn many more techniques to masturbate and would masturbate almost every day for many years.

I will come back later and tell you the story of my first experience with another boy.



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