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My Masturbation Experiences

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by Loryn

I'm 34-years-old now, but I remember my first show like it was yesterday. It was the summer of my fifteenth birthday, and I was with my first boyfriend. Since we were both young and inexperienced, we were going out for almost a year before we did anything sexual. At first, we just kissed and caressed each other, but after some time we started taking off our clothes and doing more intimate things.

We both wanted to find ways of giving each other sexual pleasure without intercourse since I wasn't ready for it at that point, so we decided to teach each other how to give the other one handjobs. I was shy at first, so he went first. He showed me how to lube up his cock, grip it, and then pump it up and down. Needless to say, since he was young, his show didn't last very long before he came.

Now it was my turn. I was so nervous and freaked out about having someone watch me masturbate but since my boyfriend did it first, I felt better about it. I laid back in bed, parted my legs a little bit, and then put my fingers on my clit.

Okay, here was the moment of truth. I started rubbing my clit in little circles like I have been doing ever since I was ten or eleven, but I felt so self-conscious. I managed to get wet, but I couldn't have an orgasm with my boyfriend there watching. I could tell that he was enjoying it, but I felt so weird. After a long time without my having an orgasm, he said that maybe we should try again next time.

That night, as I laid in bed before falling asleep, I thought about the events of the day which got me all horny. I thought about my boyfriend's eager look as he watched me try to give myself an orgasm, and my sex-crazed adolescent mind started wandering. In the safety of my fantasy, I thought about really giving it to myself good while he looked on. This got me all worked up, and I rubbed my clit good and hard while I fantasized about doing it in front of my boyfriend. My orgasm was so intense that night.

The next time my boyfriend and I had some alone time together, I was hot and ready to give the show but still a little nervous. Like the first time, he went first, pumping his cock until he came. By then, I was so extremely horny and wet that I was raring to go. Again, I spread my legs and put my fingers on my clit. I closed my eyes to avoid being distracted and then really went at myself as if he weren't there.

I rubbed my clit fast and hard, rougher than usual. I still felt a little self-conscious, especially since my motions were making loud, wet noises. OMG, would my boyfriend think that I was some kind of a freak for loving this so much and going at myself like this? But as my arousal built itself up more and more, my inhibitions got lower and lower. Right before I had my
orgasm, my hand was going at my pussy like crazy. I was really out of control.

Then I came, and my entire body jerked and twitched. I was so shocked by how hard I climaxed, and so was my boyfriend!

For the rest of the time we were together, my boyfriend and I did a combination of giving each other handjobs and watching each other masturbate. We were together all throughout high school, so we gave each other lots of shows in that time. I was addicted to being watched. Watching
was okay, but I definitely liked being the one providing the show more so than being the spectator. Even after my boyfriend and I went our separate ways after starting college, I continued to seek out men who loved to watch while I masturbated for them.

After that first time, my boyfriend showed me his stash of porn magazines and videos that he got from his older brother who was over eighteen at the time and could buy porn. I was intrigued and aroused by all of it, especially by the videos where the female porn actors masturbated for the
camera. Even though I now think that most porn showing women masturbating is chessy and fake, at the time, I hadn't seen anything like it, and it got me all worked up. I was also aroused by the magazine porn where the models held their legs open and then spread the lips of their pussy with their hands.

Needless to say, after an afternoon of looking at all this porn with my boyfriend (we were on school holiday at the time and both of his parents were at work), we were both very horny. We got into his bed, and I said I wanted to copy some of the things I saw from the porn.

I got completely naked and spread my legs as wide as they would go. I then took both of my hands and reached down to spread my pussy lips open. The whole area was already soaking wet from looking at all that porn, and my fingers slipped a bit. Then my boyfriend got up close between my legs and looked at my wet, aroused pussy that I displayed for him.

My clitoris was out there, erect and aching to be touched. Staying in that position with my legs wide open, I then took two fingers, dipped them in my juice, and rubbed my clit. My boyfriend watched the whole thing with his face up close between my legs. I fantasized about the women from the porn video doing it while I did myself, and I orgasmed before long. My boyfriend
enjoyed it as much as I did, and afterwards, he took his cock and jerked it until he came.

Afterwards, I felt guilty about having done it and enjoyed it so much. At the time, most of my friends were still talking about things like french kissing and getting to second base, and this seemed so dirty. But a large part of what made it so arousing was because it seemed so dirty. It would take years before I would give a masturbation show completely without guilt. Oh, how I love doing it!

I was definitely a horny teenager obsessed with sex. I was hooked on giving my boyfriend diddle shows, and after the first few times, I was doing it for him wherever and whenever I could.

He had a pool in his backyard, and when the summer came, we spent a lot of time in the pool. We did very little swimming, however. My favorite thing to do in the pool was to sit on the steps leading into the shallow end and have him sit next to me. I would then spread my legs and move the crotch of my bathing suit to the side to expose my pussy. The sun shone on its pink,
glistening surfaces, and the water would lap gently at it.

Keeping one hand to hold the crotch of my bathing suit out of the way, I would use the other hand to masturbate. I rubbed my erect clit up and down, up and down, and around and around and around. The water washed my pussy juices away, so I had to work my clit through its hood rather than touching it directly. I diddled until I came right there in the pool with my
boyfriend watching. It was so hot!

I would also hang on the edge of the pool while my feet straddled one of the water jets along the side, and I would let the water pressure stimulate me to orgasm while my boyfriend held me from behind. But obviously, the other way was more fun for my boyfriend because it gave him more to watch.

There were several times when my boyfriend and I were walking around in the park near his house where there were a lot of hiking trails. There would be wooden benches here and there on the trails for hikers to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

The scenery my boyfriend had in mind, however, had more to do with my pussy rather than the trees. I loved dropping my shorts and panties to my ankles and sitting on the bench with my bare behind. Then I would lean back, open my knees, and get busy with myself while my boyfriend stood over me and watched. After I orgasmed, I would get up to see how big a dark, glistening spot my pussy juice made on the wooden bench. My boyfriend loved to see me leave my mark and so did I!

Once I got to college, my "performance" really took off. My freshman year roommate had to drop out of school after the first semester. It was really too bad because we had become good friends, and I was sorry to see her go. Nevertheless, this meant that I had the room all to myself, and I made good
use of it!

One night, a guy friend and I were staying up late and talking about sex. He said that his ultimate sexual fantasy would be to watch a girl masturbate. I told him that I did that for what was now my ex-boyfriend, and he became intrigued. I told him that I did it for him in all sorts of places, indoors, outdoors, at school, in the car, whenever and wherever. I could tell that he
was suprised because I gave off that "good girl" air.

Well, I ended up masturbating for my guy friend that night. I got completely naked, and then laid down on the bed. I spread my pussy and held it open for a while because my ex-boyfriend always liked that. I did that before I started clit rubbing, and my guy friend, apparently, liked it too.

Then I dipped two fingers into my juice. I was very aroused and wet with the anticipation already even though my clit hadn't been touched, yet. Then I started my finger session. I stimulated my clit in a way that made it all the more "showy" for him. I liked to rub my clit for a while, and then take some of my cunt lube and rub it all over my pussy, on the outer lips, in my hair, and on my thighs, not just on the clit. Then I would rub my clit for a little while longer. I also liked to pull my fingers away from my pussy every now and then to make a strand of juice stretch between my fingers and my pussy to show my guy friend how wet I was. Eventually, I couldn't stand the edging any longer, and I rubbed hard and fast to make the orgasm come.

After my orgasm ended, I looked at my guy friend for his reaction. He looked like he couldn't believe what he saw. He asked if it was okay if he masturbated for me, and I said yes. Then he came, and all was well!

I did this with lots of guys in college. Even though I had actual sex only with one boyfriend while in college, there were many more guys who saw me rub my clit and climax from it.



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