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My Lovely School Uniform.

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I can still pass for 16. 


I remember all those pent up feelings I had as a schoolgirl. The rush of hormones, periods, wet panties, and yes, the first attempts at masturbation. 

I went to a school that has changed a lot as far as staff are concerned. The only teacher still there is a maths teacher who I definitely had the hots for. 

So, I got my old uniform out. It felt lovely putting it on, and pretending it would be another day at school. I'd planned to walk to school with other kids as if I was a new girl, and then duck away before actually going onto the premises. 

I joined a group,of boys and girls as we walked from the main bus stop in town. One of the boys was drop dead gorgeous, and I thought that if he or someone like him had been at school when I was there, my little Cherry would have popped way before it did!

So.....he and I got talking. Steve is tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, muscular, and has a voice that could make a girl cum. I wonder how much action he gets? We chatted, and I made up shit about being transferred in, and I felt his hand brush against mine a couple of times, so I extended my fingers and let him hold my hand....all very virginic and innocent. I also noticed a nice semi forming!

We got to the school gates, and I realised I'd left it too late to duck away! Fuck! Once inside, Steve hustled me to a quiet corner of the play ground, and started to tell me how beautiful I was etc. Always a sucker for a compliment! Then he asked me why I had transferred in so late. I told him I was a rebel and had been expelled from my last school. All boys love a naughty girl! Of course, he asked what I'd done. I made up a load of things including smoking, being caught with a boy....and then I took his hand, pushed it between my legs and guided him to my clit piercing through my knickers while I said "and body ornamentation against the school rules." 

Oh, it was so sweet to see an immediate splotch of pre cum form at the tip of his hardon. I flipped his hand away quickly though. Steve said he didn't have a lesson first period, and that he knew somewhere we could go. I know that building like the back of my hand and I was sure he meant the old part of the library.

Sure enough, that's where we went. The librarian  barely looked up as we walked through the stacks to the very back and into what used to be the college chapel. A bit further in and the stacks are very close together, and full of books very rarely used. 

Once there, I gave Steve the snogging of his life! I'm a god kisser...or so,I've been told....and he seemed to be enjoying himself. I let him feel my boobs, but I stayed in role. It wouldn't be good if I suddenly turned into a sex tiger. I moaned, whimpered, even bit my knuckle a little. I got his cock out and for a moment, I really thought he had cum already, he was so wet. I actually asked him if I could wank him....can you Imagine? He asked me how far I'd gone. Had I gone the whole way? I said no...I was still a virgin. I didn't think he was experienced enough to note m lack of hymen.

So, I was wanking him, and he was working on my tits....I say working, because actually, he was a bit rough. I took his hand and lead it under my skirt and pushed it down the waistband of my carefully chosen, white virgin panties. "Be gentle with me." I showed him how I like to have my clit touched before telling him to put his finger inside me. I gasped when it entered me and began to wank him harder. Steve, bless him, said that he was going to cum soon. I decided to ask him if he'd ever had a girl suck his cock. I must have confused him because he said "Suck? Do you mean a blow job? No....not yet anyway." So I sank to my knees. I wasn't expecting him to last long, and in reality I can't claim that I did really give him a BJ...it was more like wanking him into my mouth.

Still, he tasted yummy....different to Chris....but still yummy. I wasn't done though. I asked him to finish me and he put his finger back inside me and finger fucked me. Nice, but it was never going to get me there. I pulled away, bent over a table and pulled ,y knickers to one side. "Put it in me." ....silly sod....he thought I meant his finger! I corrected the mistake, and felt his cockhead on my entrance. "Are you sure?" "Yes...please....please be my first!....I want it so bad.," "um...you are on the pill aren't you?" (Sweet of him to ask) "yeah...I have really rough periods. I've been on it for years....please Steve...I really want this." He pushed slightly and began to slip inside. At the appropriate moment, I gave a little yelp which I muffled with my hand. "Are you ok?." "Oh god yeah.....it's just that you're my first. Please...fuck me....don't stop." 

I've been lucky from what I gather talking to my friends. I've always been able to cum just by being fucked. It's not so much the physical action that does it, it's what I'm thinking, and in this case, I was role playing a virgin being fucked by what I'm sure was another virgin, in a place where we might be discovered at any moment. 

It didn't take either of us long. I told Steve I was about to cum, and I felt him spurt in me at the same time. 

Afterwards he was very scared he'd make me pregnant. I assured him that he couldn't do that, and thanked him for being my first. That led us up to the bell for first period, and I used the heaving mass of students to make my escape. 

Walking back to the bus stop, feeling Steves cum trickle out of me was almost as good as the shag. I reached under my skirt and pulled my knickers aside, letting his cum ooze out into the bus seat. An old man was watching me from a row of seats away, so I lifted my skirt right up and flashed him. "Here! Wanna see a 15 year old girls cunt, mister? You dirty fucking perv." Perv? What's so,perverted about a man wanting to see a girls pussy?? Oh well...I only said all that for show anyway. 

Back home, I showered, making sure I had got all my schoolboys spunk out of me. I wonder what he did for the rest of the day? Told his mates about the new girl? Spent all day looking for me in the hope of another wank, blow job or fuck? I bet he was so horny when he got home! 

One things for sure, Im beginning to see the delights of one-offs. And I guess it's safe enough, what I did. Legally, I guess he was 16, and that's legal in the U.K. I also guess he's young enough NOT to have anything unpleasant. 

This afternoon, I'm planning to have a rest. Nothing sexual for me until Tomorrow.



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