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My Long Wait

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This happened on Tuesday..


My ex-girlfriend and me are very close. We spent two years together, and in that time became best friends, and still are today. We split up almost two years ago now, and I've not been with anyone else physically since her. This happened on Tuesday when she came to visit me..

We were in my room watching a movie, when she complained about her back. I knew she has back problems. She complained to me that she's left her chiropractor as he was really bad and just made her back worse. I offered to give her a massage to relieve the pain she was obviously in.

Now, over the time we dated, I got to know exactly what spots to hit, and what pressure she likes. So I set to work massaging her back, chatting away. Every so often I noticed her sighing, and her body flinched. I could tell she was getting aroused from this, and I was too. She had this little smile that crept across her face when it felt best, so I concentrated on her zones, as I did when we dated.

I stopped for a moment to have a drink, and as I leaned across my hand brushed a particular spot on her back that drives her wild. She let out a gentle moan and I laughed.

'Enjoying that' I asked, to which she replied 'Yeah'. I then asked her 'Someone a bit horny?', and she replied with 'Just a lil'. Well this sent my hormones racing. I leant right down to her ear as I straddled her back and said 'I can take of that if you want'.

She seemed a little reluctant at first, so I gently ran my fingers down her spine and kissed her neck. She quivered at my touch and just said 'Yes'.

With that, I was kissing up and down her back, her neck, and sliding my hand down the front of her panties. She responded by rolling over and unbuttoning my shirt. I was so hard by this point, and as we kissed I unbuttoned her trousers too.

By this point I had her down to her underwear, and she helped remove my pants. I was rock hard as we kissed. I moved onto her neck and slipped down her panties.

Running my hand back up the inside of her thigh, she was begging for me. I ran my fingers across her pussy a couple of times, teasing her, rubbing her clit. She was so hot and wet and slowly I eased my fingers deep into her.

It'd been so long since I'd touched her, and it was amazing. I could feel the slickness, hear the noises, and feel her pussy pulling my fingers deep into her. I slid them faster and faster, moving them up and down, and I could hear just how wet she was.

Her hand then slid down to my boxer shorts, pulling at them and easing them over my cock. I could feel a spot of precum on my boxers as she slipped them off me.

I moved my fingers faster and faster, feeling her orgasm building deep inside her. Finally, I felt her arch her back, pull me close, and moan my name as she came hard. I could feel her juices all over my fingers, and I loved the sound of her pussy.

She immediately wrapped a hand round my cock and went to town. Sliding it up and down, just the way I enjoy it, and it felt so good to be touched again. I could feel the precum building on the head as she pumped my cock. I slipped my fingers back into her soaking pussy, and we both worked each other to a frenzy. I whispered in her ear that I was ready to cum and she said 'Do it, now'.

With that order, I shot a load so hard. Shot after shot came out all over my bedding, as I orgasmed in the hands of my ex. I felt her body tense up as she came again, moaning my name louder now. She rubbed my cock until every last drop had been squeezed out of me, and we lay there in that post-cum haze.

Although I had to wait almost two years to be with a woman again, it was worth it. Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did at the time. I hope this happens again so I can write about it..



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