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My Life as a Masturbatrix

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My husband showed me this site. I thought you might be interested in my story.

It all started when I was 8 years old. My parents weren't open about sex, but they weren't prudes either. We didn't parade around the house naked, but if we came across another family member nude while preparing to take a shower or go to bed or getting ready for school or work, we didn't make a big deal of it.

Mom was good about answering questions that my younger sister or I had about sex. It was actually nice to correct my friends when they talked about 'pee pees', 'weenies' and 'boy-things.' I would proudly announce that the grown-up name for it was penis!

The event that kicked it all off for me was a stomach ache. I got out of bed an went to my parent's bedroom. I apparently caught them in an intimate moment. I didn't know what they were doing, but I noticed my dad's erection. Now that I think about it, dad was cool about it, and merely covered it up calmly.

I asked my mother why daddy's penis was so large, and she responded that it meant that daddy liked her. She went on to explain that when boys like girls, sometimes their penises get big. That was a good enough answer for me and I immediately went back to the matter of my upset stomach.

Several days later I was out playing with my sister and a classmate, Bobby S. Mom's explanation came to me. I asked Bobby if he liked me. He said that he did, and I asked him to show me. I had to explain that if he liked me, his penis would be hard. I was insistent that he prove that he liked me by showing me his penis. He agreed.

We went behind some bushes in his backyard. Although I was comfortable with nudity, I knew enough that it wasn't for public exhibition. He took out his penis and I was chagrined. It was small. I had to touch it to see if it was hard at all. It wasn't. My sister asked if she could touch it and I said that she could. I didn't even think of asking Bobby. How pushy of me!

Anyway, under my sister's touch, he started to get big. I accused him of liking my sister and not me, and he protested insisting that he liked me. I took his penis back and it was getting hard. My sister and I took turns touching it.

I explained to my sister what mom told me about if boys like girls they get hard. From this and our experiment with Bobby we jumped to the conclusion that if touching a boy's penis makes it hard, and a hard penis means the boy likes you, then touching a boy's penis and making it hard will make the boy like us. So we did this with a number of boys.

Now I would like to say that we had all the boys coming in our hands, but that was simply not true. My sister and I eventually tired of the game, and moved onto other things. I don't know what my sister thought of our activities, but even tough we never got caught, I eventually got a vague notion that it was something we shouldn't be doing.

I didn't touch another penis (with the exception of babysitting assignments) until I was in nursing school. I handled a number of them in the course of my nursing education to be sure, but intimate touching didn't happen until I met the man who would become my husband.

Being good Catholics we didn't want to engage in pre-marital sex, but having to postpone the wedding until we both finished school was taxing on our ability to abstain. So mutual masturbation was our solution to the problem. At least I was very comfortable handling his penis. It was a good thing too! I got pregnant very easily.

My husband did not confide his fetishes to me until after we were married for several years. He still has female domination fantasies, but is content to read and write about them. I don't wish to dominate him, but I enjoy taking control during our lovemaking every now and then. He loves it when I get 'aggressive.'

I like his sneaker fetish. It's very easy for me to accept. They are something I wore anyway, I don't have to go to the sex shop to buy them, I don't have to hide them when company comes, they are relatively cheap and I can tease my husband just by wearing them - and nobody else is the wiser. I love to be able to make him feel good even when conventional sex is out of the question. The best thing however is being able to sit opposite him and look at his body and face as he comes.

Masturbation is still a big part of our sex lives.



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