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My Japanese Girlfriend

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Another story from a client.


At the time, I worked in a bicycle store in Waikiki. We were a full-service bike shop including rentals. We had it worked out so that we could rent to people who didn't know English, as long as they signed the forms and had credit cards. A beautiful young Jpaanese girl came in and rented a bike. She didn't know a word of English, and I didn't know a word of Japanese.

We got to flirting, mostly wordlessly, and seemed to hit it off. Although it was very complicated to communicate, we decided to meet at a restaurant at 8pm. I wrote down the name and directions.

She was a no show. I saw her back at the shop the next day. We communicated with drawings, hand signals and so on, and I got that the problem was the time. She didn't know what 8pm meant, thinking I meant 6pm or 9pm or something.

We did meet up for dinner, and then we rode over to my place,. me on my bike, her on the rental. We still couldln't really communicate, but I gathered we wanted the same thing. That became especially clear when we started removing our clothes.

She had something she wanted me to know, and it took awhile, but I think I understood. She was all in favor of touching each other - giving each other orgasms through masturbation, but wanted nothing of a penetratory nature. I was all for that. I've always felt the same way. It's safer, plus to me, it seems orgasms can be better, and the sex is more intimate if it isn't sex at all, but two people giving hands-on appreciation to each other.

We were both very good at external all-over massages. She was extraordinarly good at handling my penis. She gently massaged my balls too. I'd like to think I'm an expert in inner labia massage, clit rubbing, and G-spot orgasms. We both very much enjoyed giving and getting anal finger stimulation. Needless to say, it was a great evening. We capped it off by teaching each other how to count to ten in our native languages. ("Ichi, ni, san, chi, loku, go..." if I recall correctly)

She came over several more times. Her vacation was six weeks long. After that, she had to return to Japan, where I finally figurered out she worked as a nurse. I never saw her again, and although I missed her at first, I've had many more great adventures since.



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