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My Introduction to Masturbation

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It began at a sleepover which is probably not uncommon. But this is my story of initiation of masturbation and girls.


Holly and I had been best friends since Year 1 (age 5-6). We grew up through primary school together then went to secondary school. We were always in and out of each others houses but it wasn't until we were 15, oddly, that we had our first sleepover. (I always wonder what might have been had we done it earlier!) This was to take place at her house on a Friday so we went there straight from school. We did the teen things danced around her room, ate rubbish food and pop and chatted about guys. I had barely kissed a guy at this stage but it seems she had gone a little further.
We changed into our bedclothes and lay side by side in her bed. I asked her what she had done with her latest boyfriend. I won't go into detail, suffice to say that they had not had full sex but had stroked each other to orgasm frequently. It was while she was telling the tale that I noticed a movement under the covers around her waist area. It would stop, then begin again, then get quicker as she got to the juicy parts. This kept repeating until she was telling of him going down on her and her legs stiffened, the movement became rushed and she came right next to me.
'Oh shit, Bex. I'm so sorry. I forgot where I was,' she stammered.
'Er, that's ok. What just happened there?' (I'd led a sheltered life!)
'You don't know?' she said. 'Are you serious?'
So this went back and forward until she said 'Do you want me to show you how?' I nodded and she threw back the quilt, sat up with her knees bent and added 'Lie down between my legs'. So I did compliant puppy I was! There I was, lying down on my front, leaning on my arms and staring at my best friends pussy area! (She still had her knickers on).
She then started to masturbate through the material, describing every movement to me. I'm just stroking between the lips. This is where its most sensitive. I was in awe and totally hypnotised by her actions. I remember seeing a dark patch forming, which I now know more about of course. Then she said she had to remove her panties. As she did, I distinctly remember a twitching sensation between my legs and was aware that I was squeezing together and pushing down into the bed. Its still the prettiest sight I have ever seen. A beautifully trimmed bush and these perfect lips that were so moist and delicately parted. She had me move really close my face could have been no more than 8 inches from her pussy. She could probably feel my heavy breathing on it. (I've stopped at this moment to compose myself). The playing began again but this time she could of course enter her vagina, which she did frequently, and she circled her clit too. She pulled back the hood and invited me really close! OMG. This must have gone on for only about five minutes before her movements became super quick and her legs began to tense and straighten. My squeezing had become more pronounced too! Remember, I'm inches from her pussy. She rubbed, and rubbed, and rubbed and came so hard and as she did I clenched and squeezed and felt more than a tingle down there myself. I whimpered! I had my first cum. I had SEEN my first cum.
The rest of the night was spent swapping places between each others legs. The first time she guided my hand, deliberately staying in place at times, until I came. We came 6 or 7 times each before we dropped off to sleep. We slept over a few times after that and had repeat performances, some of which I might relate to you ST people one day. But one day, a For Sale sign appeared outside her house and before long she was gone and sadly, I never saw her again. I won't forget her though and that was the last time I had any close contact with a girl. Having just split from a guy, and feeling raw, I was searching for some nice memories. I now hope it's not the very last time I touch a girl - we all have our dreams.



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