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My Husband and I

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My husband and I are avid masturbators and avid readers of SOLO and would like to share our experience with all SOLO readers.
We are both in our 40's and have been married for 20+ years. Masturbation is and always has been an important part of our sex life. We both masturbated before we started dating and masturbated each other many times while dating. We have continued that practice since we married.
About twice a month we will have a masturbation session. Here is how it goes. We will strip totally naked and sit in two chairs facing each other. The chairs are plush and very comfortable and are close enough that our legs can touch each other. We have throws over the chair that can be taken off and washed because we believe that sex should be messy, if it's done right. The chairs are just the right size that we can put our legs over the arms of the chairs. Doing this really opens me up for full view. Once in position we just sit and talk. We talk about sex and how hot we are for each other. My husband may say something like, 'I would like to get my head between your legs and suck your pussy until I drain every drop of hot, slick juice from your body.' I might say something like, 'How would you like for me to sit on your cock and work the muscles in my pussy until I milk every drop of delicious hot cum from you balls?' It doesn't take long for my husband to get a hard cock and me wet pussy talking dirty to each other and watching each other play with themselves.
Touching is allowed but very limited. I am allowed to take my finger and wipe up some of my husband's precum from the head of his cock. I love to taste his precum, rub it on my nipples or use it as lubrication on my clit. He is allowed to get my pussy juice on his hand or fingers. He will sometimes lick it off his hand while he jacks her cock with his other hand or sometimes he will just lick his fingers clean. One of my husband's favorite things to do is to smell and lick the soiled panties I have just taken off.
We proceed slowly because the object of our masturbation sessions is to see how long we can last without cumming. This is very difficult, however, because watching my husband stroke his big hard cock turns me on like you would not believe. And him watching me play with my pussy is just as exciting. I spend a lot of time running my fingers around the lips of my pussy, or inserting a finger or two into my vagina, or massaging my tits and very little time touching my clit. If I start out by massaging my clit I will cum before I want to. Likewise, my husband spends a lot of time playing with his balls.
We have lubrication available when we start but by the time we really get into or session we are producing all the lubrication we need. I seem to have a little more hair around my pussy than most women and it gets matted with pussy juice so I get pretty messy down there. But my husband loves it that way.
We eventually get to the point that we can no longer hold off so we let each other know that we need to cum now. My husband will move to the edge of his chair so that the end of his cock is not far from my spread pussy. When he cums I want him to shoot all of his cum on my body. His hand starts racing up and down his big cock as I rub my hard clit as fast as I can. He will usually cum a few seconds before I do. When I feel his hot cum spurting on my body that pushes me over the edge and I cum like crazy. I told him we should turn a tape recorder on sometimes and tape the sound of us moaning and groaning and talking dirty while we are cumming.
You might think that we clean up after we both cum but we don't. That is just the beginning. We hurry to our bed and my husband gets in bed on his back and I get in the 69 position above him. I lick all the cum from his cock and suck any remaining drops out of his cock. I have pussy juice from the front of my pubic hair to my butt hole and my husband licks it all up cleaning me on the outside. Once this has been accomplished he put his mouth over the opening of my vagina and begins to suck the juice from inside me. As he does so, he runs his tongue up inside my vagina as far as he can reach. By the time we have finished 'cleaning each other', we are ready to go again. We will usually remain in the 69 position for a while and then switch to a position where we can have intercourse and that is when I get to feel that wonderful big hard cock inside me. Also, the fact that my husband has already cum once, means he can last much longer the second time around so he gives my pussy a really good fucking before he cums inside me. I have plenty of time to have as many more orgasms as I want to have. We then cuddle up and sleep. We like the fact that we have each other's body secretions all over us. We can shower the next morning when we wake up. Often we will fall asleep with my husband's cock still inside my pussy.
I am sure what we do is not unusual and is done by may other couples. There is, however, something my husband and I do that I do not read much about. All of us women have heard and read about our G-spots. My husband likes to apply pressure to my G-spot as he rubs my clit. It sometimes causes me to pee when I have an orgasm but that's OK since my husband loves golden showers. But I hardly ever read about what some refer to as a man's G-spot - his prostate. My husband and I purchased this little plastic thing that looks like a crooked finger. It is about the size of a middle finger with a slight upward curve near the end of it. It has a large type of flair at the end so that it cannot possibly accidentally get sucked into his ass and not be able to pull it out. When we use it, which is often, I lubricate it good and ease it into his asshole. I then begin to move it around while he jacks his cock. As I move it, it massages his prostate. Using this device causes my husband to cum much quicker than normal, it even seems to cause his cock to get harder than usual. And he says his orgasms are much more intense when his prostate is being massaged. Sometimes if he is in a really horny mood and for some reason has not had sex for several days, I can make him cum just by massaging his prostate and never even touching his cock. (Of course I am always in a great position to catch a mouthfull or two of deliciously hot cum.) I would like to know if other couples have tried this.
In closing I would just like to say that if a married couple or even couples who are dating have never tried masturbation then you don't know what you are missing. I really feel sorry for people who believe it is wrong to masturbate and have never masturbated. If you don't know how to pleasure yourself, how do you expect someone else to know how to pleasure you? When we talked with our children about sex we told them about masturbation and encouraged them to masturbate in the privacy of their bedrooms. We explained that masturbation is as natural as taking a bath. One is cleaning the outside of your body and the other is cleaning out the inside.
Guys, keep jacking your cock, and girls, keep playing with your pussy, and do it with your partner.



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