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My Gay Friend

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Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind.


This happened last Wednesday when my friend Tony spent the night at my house before he went back to college.

Tony and I have been friends ever since my sophomore year in high school and both of us have had the same groups of friends and interests. He is about 5'8' skinny with dark black hair and a natural tan. I am about 5'9' with light brown hair and pale.

Even though I have always considered him one of my best friends I know that I am just one of the many people he associates with so sadly we didn't hang out as much as I would like. Now that he was back this summer and out of the closet he has become even more out going and it has been harder to talk with him like we used to.

Finaly he decided that he would spend the night before he left. The night progressed like normal nights I would hang out with him, we played wii, but this night we talked more like we used to before he went to school. Throughout the night their would always be a few jokes made that hinted sexual innuendos. For example when I took a shower he asked if I needed help, sadly he didn't, and every time I lost at the game I would say screw me and he would reply maybe later but that wasn't uncommon.

Finally we started to go to bed and he tried to take my bed from me, this lead to us wrestling around and then we began to tickle one another. At first it was innocent fun but as we would hold one another down I noticed that I was starting to get hard and in my loose pjs I was sure he had noticed. Then he began to tickle my calves. This really got me going and so I did the same to him, then when my hand accidently went up his pants leg touching his inner calf he jumped and said you don't want to go there. Then as we began to relax I grazed his penis half by accident and half on purpose. He jumped up and then suddenly excused himself to go to take a shower because he was so sweaty.

When he came back we wrestled a little more but this time he seamed to want me to do something else. I got nervous and tried to go to sleep. After tossing and turning I finally worked up enough courage and I began to rub up close to him as his back was against my front. Then he moved his hand, acting as if asleep, and it grazed my erection making me harder than before and I slowly began to grind up against him. Then I put my arm around him and felt his body warm me up. My heart was racing and I knew that he could feel it because of how close we were and then I moved my hand down to his stomach and began to gently tickle around his pants line. Finaly I whent for it and put my hand on his crotch. I wasn't supprised to feal his full erection underneth his pants. Slowly I began to rub up and down. He began to stir and breathe heavy. Then I threw caution to the wind and put my hand in his pants to find a warm stiff erection with a little precum oozing waiting for me. I began to jerk him off and after a while he started to return the favor. My uncut cock jolted at this for it was the first time I have ever been touched by anyone. I loved every second of it and it felt good to hold his hard manhood in my hand and to know that I was pleasuring him. He would moan slightly and I know was really getting into it as I would hump his hand in motion with his strokes. It wasn't long after we satisfied one another that I noticed his breathing increased and then my hand and his stomach was covered with his cum.

Needless to say it was a great night and I hope it wasn't a one time thing. Sadly he has gone back to school so I won't see him for at least four months. We both agreed that our friendship won't change but I hope this will be the start of a closer bond.



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