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My Friend Trey

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I was 13, and one day my friend Trey was in my room after school. He asked me if I had pubic hair yet, and I told him I did. He asked me to show him, and I did. I stood up, dropped my pants and pulled my boxers down, exposing all my glory to him as he sat on my bed. Trey and I were kind of opposites body wise. I was athletic and muscular, he was small and skinny. I had black hair, his was almost white. Trey stared at me with his mouth open, and didn't say anything. I told him it was his turn, and he stood up, and dropped his pants. He had almost no hair, a few strands of white hair above his dick, and his nutsack was smooth. I had a small but thick patch of black hair, and a dusting of black down on my nuts. I was surprised that his dick was as big and thick as mine, though and on his smaller frame it looked very big.

We stood there facing each other, and without even asking, Trey reached out and touched my bush, running his fingers through the hair. Then he cupped my nuts, running his fingers over my fuzz. I got instantly hard, and he reached up put his hand around it, and slowly ran his fist up to the tip. I looked over at Trey, and he was hard as well. I grabbed his dick, and remember to this day how different it felt to hold someone else. We stood there, jerking each other off, and in less than 30 seconds we both came. It was the most awesome orgasm of my life. His warm sperm was in my palm, mine in his. We wiped up the goo with tissues, and pulled our pants up. We hadn't said a word to each other the entire time.

I looked at Trey, and he began to laugh, which caused me to laugh too. Then he grinned at me, told me how great that was, and then said he wanted to do it again. Within two minutes, we were laying on my bed, this time naked, stroking each other again. Trey suggested we rub them together, and I said okay. He rolled over on top of me and began grinding his dick against mine. The feeling of my dick against his smooth stomach was incredible. I had my arms wrapped around his back pulling him into me, and again in less than a minute I came. Trey shot a few seconds later. He rolled off me, and he ran his fingers through our cum on his stomach, and I did the same. We cleaned up again, but didn't get dressed.

We just laid there on the bed naked. We talked about it for a while, then Trey started playing with my pubic hair, and I got hard a third time. I rolled on top of him, and said I wanted to see what that was like. He locked his legs around my ass, and his arms around my shoulders. I pushed my dick into his, and into his stomach. We humped harder and harder, and I felt that familiar tingle building. Once again I came on his stomach, but my dick was so sensitive, I couldn't keep rubbing him, so I rolled off. I took my cum, and jerked him off with it, until he came. We came three times each in less than 10 minutes.

Trey and I humped each other hundreds of times over the next two years, then we stopped. We are both married now, and still see each other around town, but no fooling around.



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