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My Friend and I

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I have been reading this site for a while after catching my husband playing with himself whilst reading the stories on here. It was fun watching him wank, he always enjoys showing off in front of me as he has a big cock, not long but very thick and bulbous. Anyway, I got to reading the site when he was out one night and really got into it. This is about an incident with my best friend that he doesn't know about. I'm quite petite, size 10, small breasts and my hubby calls me beautiful but .....I have thought about sex with another woman but never had the bottle to try it.

I have a friend called Mandy who IS beautiful, curvy size 12 and has large breasts, 36DD. She is married to a man who suffers from premature ejaculation and never gets any satisfaction other than from her fingers and vibro. She is always 'on heat' and I think has even sneaked off for a fingering session when we have been out shopping! Every week or so, we go to a large shopping mall near us for a few hours on an evening to shop, chat, eye up the guys, and do girly things. I had to buy a new dress for a wedding and Mandy and I went to a big department store in the mall to look at the designer gear. I took four dresses and we went to the dressing rooms to try them on. I thought Mandy would stay outside and wait for me to come out and give her a 'twirl' but with it being a quiet night she wandered in to the small cubicle with me. The dressing rooms were set to the rear of the shop, out of sight of the floor and were small rooms with full doors.

Inside, I got undressed to my underwear and tried the first dress on. I'm not shy in front of her as she has seen me naked before. I needed a hand to do up the dress and as she pulled the zip up for me, her hand brushed my bum. 'There was some fluff on the dress' she said, but it felt like a caress rather than a brush. I blushed thinking of that and dismissed the thought.

The dress was tight enough around my hips and bum to show my knickers and Mandy told me so. 'Come on, drop them!' she joked, I laughed and put my hands up inside the skirt to pull them down. Not really meaning to, I sort of threw my knickers at her. She caught them and then did something outrageous, she put them to her nose and inhaled, 'mmmmm, nice', she said. I was as red as a beet and I could feel my cunt getting wet. Now I have always liked looking at pictures of girls with big breasts and they really turn me on but I had not thought of Mandy in that respect. This was different and I was very turned on but very shy about it. I sort of laughed at her and she giggled and had another sniff. I could see her flush with excitement and wondered where this was going.

Anyway, nothing more was said and I was too flustered to buy the dress. We went for a coffee and chatted for an hour about nothing in particular. I got the feeling a barrier had been crossed and our relationship would be different from now on.

I was driving so we headed out of the mall and I was going to drop Mandy off at home. As we pulled up in the rear lane at the back of her house, I went to kiss her cheek and say good night as we always do when she turned her face and kissed my mouth. Her hand came round the back of my head and she pulled me towards her, opening my mouth with her tongue. I've always been a sucker for a french kiss, it always makes me wet without fail, and this time was no different. It felt a bit wierd but I kissed her back and we enjoyed each others mouth for a few minutes. As we broke the kiss, Mandy spluttered 'I'm sorry', and looked close to tears, I cuddled her as best I could in the car, but my cunt was on fire. I said it's alright and kissed the top of her head, she looked up and kissed me again, touching my breasts gently through my top.

This was making me so hot, I did the same to her, rubbing her lovely large breasts. 'No' she said and took my hand and placed it on her thigh and up her skirt, her legs parted, she had no knickers on and my hand was on her bald pussy with her fingers pushing mine into her wetness. She was dripping and moving her hips against my hand, trying to orgasm. She said 'Finger me please, harder, harder, I need to cum', so I did. She came pretty quickly and seemed to relax after that but it left me needing release, hubby wouldn't know what hit him when I got home. It turned out that Mandy had not had any sexual contact for months and was fit to burst. She had slipped her knickers off in the loo at the cafe and had a sly fingering, this just made her even hornier after sniffing my dirty knickers. We are still best friends and we have had several mutual sessions since. I love the feel of her bald cunt and as she doesn't get it at home, I get to bring her off nearly every week, I hope it continues. My husband doesn't know I'm fucking my best friend nor will he, he would want to join in. I am enjoying my new found sexuality because Mandy has awoken a sexual beast in me, and my husband gets plenty of sex which keeps him happy, and I'm getting it both ways, so long may this continue.



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