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My First Time Too

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Intensely Pleasureable Times


I enjoyed Connies, MY FIRST TIME story, because she described herself so well that I visualized her cute figure and later the carefully described details of her orgasm that were terrifically erotic for me. Even to the number of spasms she had.

As a young boy I saw an older boy stroking his erect member in the woods once, and wondered what he was doing. At home I tried it and as the feeling got better and I couldn't stop, the first big spasm scared me so badly that I immediately stopped masturbating.

Needless to say I tried again and was overwhelmed by the pulsating pleasure my hand gave me. As a teen I could ejaculate large amounts of cum with such pleasureable feelings I stiffened up all over and my toes curled it felt so good. Then I met my first serious girlfriend whose name was (honestly) Connie. We were both shy and knew nothing about mutual masturbation but we soon learned quickly.

At night parked in a residential area with other cars our making out for hours steamed the car windows in the winter. 'Be gentle with me,' whispered Connie as she stopped my hand slipping up under her skirt toward her panty covered sex. I promised I would.

Soon all you heard was our heavy breathing and the sound of Connies nylon-covered legs as they rubbed together in growing excitement. My fingertip found and teased her very hairy pussy as her juices filled my hand. Very slowly I caressed her slippery slopes, feeling her pussy expand inwardly, then I went back to touch and lightly tease the erection she had that proudly protruded from the top of her slit. That's when she clamped me tightly, stiffened, and jerked her entire body uncontrollably while I almost came in my pants. Fingerfucking and humping this girl with the pointed breasts and the tight round ass in the front seat of the family car was incredibly erotic to me.

Slowly Connie stopped her spasms. After she regained control of herself she wanted to pleasure me, squeezing my stiff penis in my pants but saying she just didn't know how to do it. Quickly I unzipped and took out my super-stiff uncut penis that had already soaked my briefs with my excited young juices.

Connie gripped it tightly and leaning over me began deep-tonguing me but moving her hand too slowly and too tightly on my penis. I grabbed her hand, prized it loose and whispered, 'Just lightly, and faster, like this.'

She was quick to learn. She played with my stiff cock like a professional, even pulling back to see it clearly in the moonlight and grinning at me to see what power she had by the erotic movement of her hand. She knew she could make it feel better or tease me slowing it down. She saw what a thrill she could give me by capping the head with her fingers and sort of fucking me that way. She tickled under the head and got excited seeing me gasp.

I was gasping so hard I could hardly talk she made me feel so good. 'Does that feel good?...you like that? How's this?' Her hand was driving me crazy in my need to orgasm, to shoot off, to feel that incredibly exciting pulsing, mind-blowing cum at the hands of a teenage virgin who was so beautiful. When I laid back and whispered, 'Ohhhh Godddd,' she knew.

Connie grinned and looked down at what she was doing. Suddenly I couldn't take it any longer and with one huge groan, my loins pushed up forward against her incredible hand and I started ejaculating, huge long squirts of white cum that Connie saw squirting all over us, and then she leaned over me and with her other hand pushed down inside the top of her panties, she plunged her tongue into my mouth, rapidly fucking me with it and while I was still shooting my seventh big shot of cum, I felt her body go rigid beside me.

She withdrew her tongue and all I heard was her 'ah,ah,ah, ahhhhh,' as she shuddered through her own pulsing, pussy squirting orgasm while my free hand pressed tightly to her beauifully rounded ass pulling her into me so I felt her throbbing as she jerked it back and forth.

In memory of that Connie and the Connie who wrote so well of her first time, I stroke my long stiff cock a bit faster now and YESSSSS...oh Goddd, thinking of Connie...yessss, ahhhh, the spasms go and go and squirts of warm cum fly out onto the towel lying below me on the floor to catch them....Whew...........So good.

Thank you for the memory, Connie....for both of you. If you liked this, get off for me and write in your fine detail of how it feels so I can too, sharing it with you.



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