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My First Time Ever

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It took a few attempts, some research, and some perseverance but I finally made it happen


I had my first orgasm at the age of 14. I know that seems late compared to what a lot of people's experiences have been but I'm glad I am able to remember it well at least. I was enrolled in health education in school at the time and we were pretty well into the portion of the class dealing with sex and anatomy. I knew the majority of the subject already having looked a lot of the information up online, but I was still incredibly interested in the topic so I was listening intently. So when my teacher was lecturing about the human sexual response cycle I was on the ball enough to hear her quickly mention masturbation as a means of orgasming without having sex. She made the comment in passing and didn't explain it at all so I was intrigued. I walked around for a few days with this masturbation idea on my mind. The thought would come to me in passing, but not knowing what it was, I just let it go. That is until I got horny one night.

I was alone in my house and probably watching t.v. when I got one of my at least six daily erections. This time, however, it was a really hard one. The type that hurts after a while. As I sat and waited for it to go away I had a sense of growing discomfort. That level of arousal that becomes unbearable, where you set your teeth on edge and your mind races. Then I remembered the masturbation comment from health class and I decided to figure out what it was all about. I logged onto the computer and did some google searching. Finally, I came up with an answer. I read about it for a long time and then started digging into some videos. I was able to work out how to do it and decided to give it a shot.

I went into my bathroom and started to fill the bathtub up. I got undressed and wow was my penis hard. I really couldn't wait so I stroked it a few times like I had seen online just to test it out. It felt great to stroke but i had played with myself hard before so It wasn't a new feeling. I remember being so horny I squeezed my shaft hard so my head would tingle. I got into the tub and immediately started my experiment. I played with my penis a bunch of ways. I stroked, rubbed the head hard, tried to stroke with conditioner, and even rubbed my head against my leg. It all felt amazing but I didn't know how long it was supposed to take or what I was supposed to be feeling anyway. So after fifteen minutes or so I gave up and got out, still very hard. I was happy I tried but disappointed I couldn't ejaculate like I had heard of in health.

I sat around for a little while and my erection subsided but my mind was still super aroused so I decided to try it again. Again I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes and got back into the bath (I don't know why I decided the bath was the right move). This time I decided I was going to follow through no matter how long it took. I sat in the tub and started to stroke. For a while I didn't think it was going to happen but I kept up a rhythm stroking at a medium pace. At the time my penis was probably 6.5 inches, circumcised, with black pubic hair. My shaft is pretty skinny but I have a prominent pink/purple head. I stroked until I felt something different. I remember feeling like m mind was narrowing to focus just on the head of my penis. Then I felt something building. I couldn't stop. I had a few involuntary muscle contractions right below my balls and I new I was on the right track. As I stroked I started to squirm and I moved my hand so I would touch my head when I stroked up. Finally I felt it really brewing. I came hard. It hit me in those intense waves where you stop moving and pressure builds in your whole lower body. It seemed to last five minutes. Five minutes of me just holding my rock hard penis while it vibrated with pleasure. Then contraction after contraction hit me and a big blob of white semen dribbled out of me. I let the cum flow and fell back into the water completely relaxed. After a few minutes I reached down and grabbed some of my cum and checked it out, having never seen it before. It was cloudy and opaque but sticky and smelled slightly of chlorine. I decided to try to masturbate again as son as I could and thus began a long decade of almost daily orgasms.

More to come later.



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