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My First Time

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This is a story of firsts: My first submission to Solotouch and my time masturbating.


I discovered masturbation when I was younger and quite by accident.  My family lived on an island and on Saturdays my parents would leave for several hours to shop in town.

On this particularly warm Saturday I decided to cool off by taking a shower.  Feeling refreshed, I wrapped the towel around my waist and went to my room to get into a swimsuit for a walk on the beach.  Outside my window, the girl next door had two other girls from down the street at her home.  One of the girls, Christine, I found quite pretty and had fantasized about her often. She was two years older than I was and, unlike myself who went to a parochial school, she and the others went to public school. As a result, I rarely saw them, other than occasionally on the weekend. As I watched them, pretending to be cheerleaders, my thoughts drifted to the last time we had gotten together. Christine had run up behind me and grabbed me around the chest in an attempt to pull me down. I remember feeling her small breasts against my back as she and the other girls held me in a friendly tickle fight. Unfortunately to my embarrassment, I had gotten an erection and quickly moved to cover the fact that it was protruding from the bottom of my shorts. 

As I stood at my window and watched her, the memory of the experience flashed into my mind. My cock began to harden yet again. This time there was no need for me to hide it.  My bedroom window was high enough so that from the yard they could only see me from the chest up and they would have no I idea that I was only wearing a towel.  I remember my hand going to the towel and opening it to free my growing hard on.  I touched it lightly as it twitched in my cold hand.

It was then that they noticed me looking from my window and ran over to talk with me and asked me to come out. Although there was no need, I quickly covered myself, embarrassed again.  I don’t remember the conversation but I do remember them laughing and doing acrobatics, such as cartwheels and hand stands.  My thoughts went quickly to Christine and her breasts.  My cock was growing harder and strained under the towel.  Before I knew it, I was removing the towel and standing there naked.  Although there was no way they could see me, I felt a bit perverse. I took my erection into my hand and cupped it softly.  As I moved my hand over my cock it began to feel even more sensitive.  While looking at Christine, I imagined seeing the faint outline of her nipples. I slowly and softly began moving my fingers up and down the shaft.  It felt so unbelievably good.  This went on for several minutes although time had lost all meaning for me at that point.  It felt so good I wanted it to last a bit longer.

Just then one of the girls attempted a handstand.  From my window, I could see a trace of her panties inside the leg of her shorts; my senses were starting to focus on the feeling between my legs.  I laughed nervously and bet Christine that she couldn’t do it. There was pressure building in my sac as I stroked and I could feel the welling in my testicles.  This was all new to me and, although I was unsure of what was happening, I couldn’t stop.  My legs, ass, and abdomen tightened as I kept softly moving my hand up and down the shaft.  Just then Christine took my dare and did a handstand and I could see her bra as her top slid down her body.  Slowly I could feel the semen churn in my balls as my cock thickened.  I couldn’t stand any longer and dropped to the bed. I sat there softly and slowly moving my hand up and down the shaft.  With every stroke, my fingers would loosely catch the head of my cock sending shockwaves of pleasure through my groin.

It seemed to last forever, that feeling of my cum slowly oozing up the shaft.  Not knowing what was happening, I was afraid and thought of stopping, but that feeling was too strong as well as the urge continued.  As I sat there I found myself moaning, my hips thrusting, and I was gasping to breathe.  Then the climax hit me as semen shot across the room in long thick ropes.  I fell back onto the bed as it continued spurting into the air and all over my body, hands, and face.  I watched in amazement as the small pin hole opening on my tip spread to shoot my load over and over.  I had no idea if this was pleasure or pain but I liked it. It felt so good.

After, as I lay in bed totally spent, I slowly cleared my mind. Then panic set in.  What had I done? Had I inadvertently burst an internal organ? Do I need a doctor?  I was so naďve.  Quickly I cleaned up the goo and found it went everywhere.  Then I spent the next hour with my encyclopedia trying to find out what had happened, finally settling on topics of “Self-Abuse” and “Masturbation.”  I had my answer and, wouldn’t you know it, I wasn’t sick. According to the Catholic Church, however, I was going to hell.  Of course, I said my prayers and swore never to do it again; only I broke my vow within the hour and several more times before the day ended.

And so my journey into self-stimulation began.  I hope to tell more of my experiences.  Thanks for reading.



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