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My First Straight Encounter in Two Years with my College Crush.

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Met with a college classmate a week ago which led to an unforgettable encounter. Sorry for the long story, I just tried to remember most details as I could. We're both 25.


This girl who I had the hots for since college and I reconnected after almost 4 years. It started when I was at the mall and, due to my poor eyesight, simply passed by her. She called me back and I was embarrassed because of it and apologized. We chatted for a bit then parted ways.

I'm 5'7" and she's around 5'4". She has a long black hair, pointy nose, and has the perfect fair skin. I'm of slim build, nothing too pronounced in my muscles.

A week ago she messaged me to just talk about how funny it was that I didn't see her even though she was waving at me from five feet away. Then the conversation moved to something else, by this point we were already talking for almost three hours with short breaks in between. She mentioned she received a freelance project and was having a difficulty on a certain aspect of it, which turned out to be my specialty (we both have the same degree, but we have different specialties) so I offered to help her via Screensharing, just so I can see her desktop and documents. She got me up to speed by explaining everything, which took almost an hour, and by then I realized the misstep she made. It was like writing a book and you're about to finish it, only to realize that you have a big plot hole from the beginning. But it can be remedied, we only needed enough time. Which we didn't have that night because it was already two in the morning. I told her I'll be working in a nearby cafe that afternoon (freelancer) and she could drop by so that everything will be easier to explain and hopefully fix.

Fast forward three hours and it was already seven in the evening and we finally fixed everything. She asked if 10% of the project's fee would be enough compensation for me, but I told her it's on the house, that I really didn't need to be paid because I enjoyed the entire project. By that time we were both hungry so I asked her to eat dinner with me at a nearby restaurant. But she said she'll just cook for me since her house is nearby, so I agreed.

She lives with her aunt and uncle, her parents live on a different city. When we arrived there they greeted me, and I them, since we both know each other from college. Then they went up to their room to watch a movie, so we were left alone.

She said she'll just change her clothes because it was a very hot evening. When she arrived, I saw that she was wearing a thin and very loose tank top - when she moved in front of the electric fan it flowed and wrapped around her body, revealing her curves. Her breasts were maybe around C cup and her cleavage were showing a little. She also wore shorts.

It was a beautiful sight and I suddenly recalled how much I lusted for her during college, but that was nothing so I just waved it off my mind. She cooked, I watched TV. She apologized for the food in advanced because she knew I love to cook, but I assured her that the food was really great then I asked for her recipe. When we finished eating, talking, and laughing it was already near 10. Then we went back to her projects and she said she'll show them to me, but we should go in her room because it's air-conditioned.

So there we were, on her bed, sitting, and her laptop on her, well, lap, showing me her projects including screenshots of funny and stupid client Skype chats she had. As she was about to close the folder, I noticed a folder named "selfie" so I asked her to show me those in a playful manner. And she looked at me and asked me if I really want to, I noticed she was blushing. She told me she's not sure because some of those photos were meant for her ex-bf, that she thinks she hasn't filtered them out yet. I told her, "oh, okay then, maybe not" since I was embarrassed for her.

Then she said, "well, you won't exactly see nudity hahaha so why not." I got a little hard by then and I mentally asked my dick, "you heard that, buddy?"

The first few photos were of her very cute face, smiling here and there. Then there were selfies in her bed where she wore the same outfit she was wearing. Maybe after 20 photos that's when the first sexy photo appeared. She was lying on her belly on her bed, with the top of her breasts showing halfway through, maybe just a couple of inches from her nipples.

I played it off jokingly by saying, "woahhh! hahaha" and she laughed at it too. By then I asked her if I could hold the laptop and browse around, "but only if it's fine with you of course!" She said yes and said enjoy.

So there she sat next to me and I was looking at her photos. Some were plain selfies, others showed much of her skin. Then on one photo I noticed that she wasn't wearing bra. I zoomed in on it and then she slapped my hand and laughed. I asked her "what color are they??" pointing at her sticking nipples, in the most curious and joking possible tone.

She told me that that photo was her ex's favorite, that whenever they're together and she shows her that he would pitch a tent. And she wondered, "why aren't you?"

"I am, but I'm wearing a tight boxer brief," I told her. And I decided to make fun of her more, "do you want to verify?"

"Promise me you won't tell our friends?" since we were classmates in college, we also shared some of our friends. I realized that she was seriously considering it, so I told her sure, I won't tell anyone (except solo touch people haha).

A second after I told her that, she padded on my crotch area. Her touch was light and she was using her right hand, while she sat to my right. This revealed a bit more of her breasts, wonderful. So while she was padding on my dick, I was looking at her breasts. She was blushing, we were both quiet, and I asked her, "how is it?"

To which she replied, "it's nice, it's been several months since I touched one." And I told her that for me it's been over a year now. By that time she was rubbing me on my pants. I told her I could remove my pants if she won't mind, as I said this I unbuttoned my pants, then she unzipped me. I took that as she wanted to go further, so I pulled my pants off to reveal my black boxer briefs with an outline of my dick.

She laughed and said, "we're really doing this, aren't we?"

"I guess," I said, visibly nervous. I asked her if I could touch her breasts.

She said yes, "but only on top of my clothes." She then removed her bra and I started to sweep my hands across. I could feel her soft breasts and nipples from her clothes but couldn't see them, because by that time we were positioned in a way where her back is on my chest, like I was hugging her while we were leaning back on the wall of her bed, with my hands on her breasts. This went on for several minutes, with us silently doing our own thing to each other.

Suddenly I felt her fingers crawl under the top of my boxer briefs and a few seconds later her entire hand. I didn't say anything, she didn't too. Then she adjusted my dick so that it pointed to my belly. As she was about to pull her hand out she moved it in again as if she forgot something inside, then she was about to pull it out again and, woop, she was giving me a rub from inside my boxer briefs. It was a pleasure, good thing I was fully shaved. I could feel that I was leaking precum.

I tried to be brave and placed my hand under her clothes, starting from her warm belly. She did not protest so I moved up a little, then a little more, until I touched her full breasts. Her nipples were hard erect. We went on like this for several minutes before she elbowed me in the ribs.

I asked her what's up? And she nodded her head towards her legs, which she slowly separated. I knew then what I had to do. While my left hand was fondling her breasts, my right hand crept downhill. Ever so slowly I caressed her stomach, tickling her gently, until I arrived under her shorts, then her underwear. She was shaved too. I went further and I felt the entire length of her pussy lips, from end to end. Her mound was more pronounced than that of my ex, but her slit was smaller. And far wetter. I fingered her for a few minutes. I only managed to insert one finger. I tried two but she said it hurt. It was really warm inside her and I could hear the squelching noise it made. I knew that she was really excited because I started to feel her nerves(?) on the wall of her vagina, and I'd go as far as to say that I felt them pulse hahaha

I encircled her clitoris with my middle finger while my other fingers kept her lips from collapsing on themselves. I was moving slowly, taking my sweet time, while at the same time breathing heavily. I was focusing on two things: not to come and make her feel good.

She was breathing heavily and I could hear her soft moans. I guess she got bored by my slow rubbing so she started to move her hips with my hand. My entire right hand was soaking wet by then and I felt her body shudder, she just orgasmed.

I asked her if we could remove her shorts and underwear, because they were constricting my hand movement and that my hand was starting to ache. She removed them in one fluid motion. And then she pulled my boxer briefs down too.

I didn't have condoms with me, but I wanted to play it further. I asked her to sit on top of me, and before she could say anything, I told her that we'll just rub them together, that there will be no penetration. She agreed and sat on top of me. My back was on the wall and she was sitting on top of me. I slid back a little so as to lie on the bed for a bit, maybe on a 35 degree angle. Then I pulled her ass slowly to come forward to my body. She slid smoothly and I could see her pussy lips wrap around my penis from its base. I pulled her slowly and her juice covered even the head of my penis, which felt ecstatic. Then I pushed her a little, and pulled her some more, she was basically sliding, rubbing, and soaking my dick. We used each other as a masturbation tool. I was loving it and I could tell that she loved it too when I no longer found the need to push and pull her to me. She was moving on her own, rubbing herself against my dick. I proceeded to fondle her breasts.

We were doing that for maybe half an hour, not sure, and we were really enjoying it. I could see her pussy, pinkish, as it left clear and white juice on my dick. And I was leaking precum very hard. Whenever her clitoris reached my dick's head, I moved my dick to slightly "push" on her and she moaned every time.

I was fondling her breasts while she was sliding her pussy on my dick, I wanted really hard to put it in but thankfully I still had enough blood in my system to make my brain function. Her pussy would rub down to my balls, then up to my shaft, then down again, and up once more. Then suddenly she placed her head on my shoulder, the smell of her hair covered my entire nose. It was a sweet scent of summer. And she grabbed my arms tightly while she slid on me quite harshly, to which I reciprocated by moving my hips, pushing onto her. And I started to feel like I was about to come and told her.

"I'm about to come," I forced myself to say.

"mffff," was all I could understand her say then I felt myself pump ropes upon ropes of my own cum on my belly. I didn't even realized I no longer had my shirt on. My cum soaked her loose tanktop, which she then used to wipe me off. Then she went to shower as I laid there, regaining my senses back. Thinking what should I say when she returned.

When she returned, she was smiling and told me that she orgasmed at least seven times then thanked me. And I told her, "no, thank you, that was the best I've had in years!"

I'm not really sure how to end this story, but all I can say is that I'm surprised that she wasn't awkward or shy about it, which helped me get over the shyness. It only happened last week, quite a lot of happenings in my life so far. We talked on Skype and I asked her what's next for us. She said maybe I should cook for her. So I guess there's still more for us, hopefully for the best. Since then, we've moved to talking on Skype for quick cyber mutual masturbation every evening since the deed. And thrice we've exchanged "selfies". I'll cook for her this Friday night.

I'll post more stories as they come! If you want to be updated, please follow me! :D



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