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My first shot

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My first shot by Mike
I am a 44 year old single male, and though I consider myself heterosexual, I have had a handful of experiences with men. I think that my introduction to masturbation had something to do with my curiosity about male to male sex.
When I was in the 7th grade, my best friend Ronnie and I were planning to do our science fair project together. We had arranged for him to come to my house after school, so we could get started on the project, and as my mother and father were both at work, we had the house to ourselves.
Like most 13 year old boys going through puberty, our conversation soon turned from the science fair project, to talk about girls and sex. Ronnie was about 6 months older than me, and much more knowledgeable in this area. We talked about fucking girls, and Ronnie said that he had done it before (though, as I look back, I don't think this was true). He proceeded to describe the sex act to me, but in a show of bravado, I stated that I already knew what it was. It was then that I told him about my secret deck of playing cards that was given to me by an upperclassman a few weeks earlier.
Ronnie convinced me to get it out, so I went to my hiding place in my room and got them. The deck was old and beat up, but the black and white photos on each card clearly showed people in various poses of hard core sex. Ronnie was extremely impressed, and suggested that we play a game of poker. We sat on my bed, and begin to play a few hands, but he was obviously distracted by the pictures. Then he said, "I know, let's play STRIP poker".
I had never had a bit of experience in the realm of sex, so the thought of playing strip poker with another boy did not seem abnormal - just exciting. We began playing, and Ronnie lost every hand. I was still fully clothed, and Ronnie was down to his jockey shorts. I remember noticing the front of his shorts tenting out, but thought nothing more of it, until he said, "God, I'm horny. I'm gonna have to beat off!".
Trying to maintain control of the situation, I acted put out, though secretly my heart was racing. I had only heard of "beating off", and really had no idea what it was all about. I thought that I was about to find out, though. Then Ronnie said, "I'm gonna use your bathroom". Cooly, I told him to go ahead, and he went into the upstairs bathroom and closed the door.
I pretended to be uninterested, but I sat in my room feeling extremely excited and didn't know exactly why. I really wanted to know what this thing called beating off was all about, but was at a loss as to how to proceed without looking foolish. Then my opportunity arose. I heard a thumping sound coming from the bathroom, as though something was bumping against the toilet tank. I yelled in at my friend, "Hey, what's going on in there?" I received no answer, just the sound of porcelain going THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.
With my heart beating so hard that I thought it would explode out of my chest, I walked to the bathroom door, and yanked it open. Right before my eyes was a sight that still excites me today, whenever I think about it. Ronnie was on the toilet, completely naked, leaning back against the tank with his legs straight out in front of him. His hand was wrapped around his cock, and it was enormous! His hand was pistoning up and down on it furiously, and I could see the veins on the shaft, and the purple head looking ready to burst. He looked me right in the eyes, and said, "Oh shit!" His entire body went rigid, as his ass tightened, arching his hips upward. Then we both stared at his cock as the first white stream of cum I had ever seen shot out of the head. It went straight up, at least two feet, arched sharply, and landed with a splat on his thigh. Then another shot fired out with the same intensity, and another, and another. I don't remember how many times his huge erection ejaculated, I just remember thinking what intense pleasure he must be experiencing.
Ronnie was still stroking, as I watched the shots of gooey jism spill from his cock with less and less power, until the white stuff was merely pulsing out of the tiny hole. His thighs and stomach were covered with what looked like at least a dozen blobs of shimmering goo. Ronnie was breathing hard, and laughing at the same time.
Now I felt really embarrassed at being a witness to this act, and turning around, I said, "You make sure you get that ALL cleaned up, cause I don't want my parents to know what was going on here." I went downstairs and waited for him. He came down in a few minutes, and I think he must have been embarrassed also, because he left pretty quick. I didn't really mind, because I was almost dizzy with excitement, and wanted to try out this new thing called, "beating off".
Once I had the house to myself, I went to my father's underwear drawer and got out his "male" magazines. These were the ones printed on newsprint, with the black strips over the women's eyes and nipples. I took them downstairs to the living room, and proceeded to get naked. My cock was already hard from the sheer thought of what I was about to do.
Up to this point in my life, I knew what a hard on was. Hell, I had them all the time, but never knew what to do, once I had them. I would press against the kitchen counter, or whatever was handy, with my erection pushing against my pants, but had no idea that there was a way to achieve release. The contact felt good, and I often squeezed my cock, but now I knew that there was something more I could do with it.
I settled back in my father's recliner, feeling the excitement of just being naked in the living room. My young, virgin prick was sticking straight up, looking bigger and harder than I'd ever seen it. I wrapped my fingers around it and began stroking, trying to duplicate the movements of Ronnie's hand. I remember thinking how good it felt, but how was the white stuff supposed to come out? I was determined, though, and continued pumping my fist up and down as I stared at the pictures in the magazines. My heart was beating furiously, as I envisioned my cock spewing cream like I had seen from Ronnie less than a half hour before.
Suddenly, I got a feeling deep in my balls that started to wash over my entire body. I felt my face flushing, and didn't know what was going on. I wanted to let go of my pulsing cock, but my hand involuntarily kept pumping. I was completely out of control as I became caught in the throes of my first orgasm.
I stared in fascination as a drop of clear, thick liquid appeared from the tip of my cock head. My entire body was quivering as I watched more and more of this stuff pour from the tiny hole, and run down over my fingers. My 13 year old cock was like a pump; each time it pulsed, my asshole would tighten and more clear liquid would spill forth. I noticed that with each pulse, the clear stuff became thicker, and was mixed with strings of white, milky fluid. This was more like the stuff I had seen spew forth from Ronnie.
As my orgasm slowly faded, I became frightened. Even though it felt good, it was like nothing I had ever experienced, and I thought I had broke something. I also felt guilty, and hurriedly wiped the stuff up, got dressed, and put the magazines back. Needless to say, I continued to "beat off", and soon became aware of the great satisfaction that can be achieved from self stimulation.



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