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My First Orgasm - for Connie

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I never thought anyone would be interested in this story until I read Connies. So, this one's for her!


When I was aged about eleven and nine months, I began to get spontaneous erections. The first time it happened, I thought, 'I remember this!' To this day, I don't know why I thought this. Maybe I had had erections as an infant, I don't know.

At any rate, I was utterly fascinated by this phenomenon! I could make my penis rise just by thinking about it, or by staring at it. I was in love with it! The erections would start as a feeling of excitement, a fluttering in my stomach, a tightness in my throat, a speeding up of my heart rate. Then I would begin to feel tension in my penis, just under the head. Soon it would start to rise. First it would thicken and lengthen; then roll to one side as it began to fill with blood. As it became harder it would rise free of my body and stand up.

Did I mention that I fell in love with my penis at this point? I would make it rise as often as I could. Then I would sometimes stare at it from all angles with a hand mirror. Sometimes I would wedge it between two pillows and move it. I was probably physically capable of having an orgasm at this point. But I didn't know how to bring one on.

It was a small step from admiring my own penis to showing it off to others. I'm not sure how this began, but I started showing it to other boys in my class at school. We would go into the boys' bathroom, and I would make my penis rise. Then I would show it to them. They seemed as fascinated as I was.

Sometimes, when my penis was erect I would go outside and urinate. I was fascinated by the arc of pee shooting UP! Sometimes I would do this from a high place, which made the spectacle even more impressive.

One day I demonstrated my erection to the girls next door. Again, I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I remember showing a drawing I had made of my erection (did I mention I was in love with it?) to one of the girls. Next thing I recall, I was in my bedroom with four girls, one of whom was my sister. I didn't reveal my naked penis, but I did demonstrate how I rubbed it between two pillows to make it feel good. Then I let one of the girls touch it through my underwear. She shrieked, 'It's as hard as a pencil!' Unfortunately, my mother was home and soon figured out what we were up to, so that put a stop to that.

I knew that my constant erections had to do with sex. I also knew about the mechanics of sex, at least theoretically. About the same time I started to have spontaneous erections, I discovered the excitement of the female form. I vividly remember one day discovering that female asses were different from the male variety. How had this escaped my notice for so long? I was flipping through the paper when I came across an ad for panty hose. As I recall, it showed three women in side view, bending over from the waist. Gazing at it, I started to get that familiar feeling, the fluttering in my stomach, the tightness in my throat. My heart began to pound and my penis started to rise. I traced the picture on another piece of paper and hid it away in my room.

By this time, of course, I was obsessed with my penis, with women, with sex. But despite all my experimentation, I hadn't had an orgasm. I did all kinds of things with my erection; I even hooked up a 6v battery to it, once, hoping that this would bring on the contractions of orgasm. It didn't work, and thankfully I wasn't electrocuted.

Of course, this couldn't go on forever; something had to give. My trial and error experiments came to a climax (so to speak) one late afternoon when I was about twelve years and nine months old. I was about to take a shower, and naked in the bathroom, surrounded by mirrors, I became erect. Then I started looking around for something to rub my penis with, touch it with, etc.

A thought occurred to me. Maybe it would be easier to rub my penis if I put soap on it! Soap is slippery, right? I got into the shower, lathered up my right hand, and rubbed my penis. This felt good! My heart was pounding more than it ever had, and the tension seemed to mount higher and higher. Unconsciously I rose up on my toes as I rubbed. This felt really good!

Suddenly it all ended. Unexpectedly, without any expectation or intention on my part, I felt a series of swift, 'business-like' contractions in my penis. Time stood still; the world seemed to stop. I felt like I was caught in the center of a vast, silent space.

The orgasm ebbed away, and I slowly lowered myself down from my toes as my heart rate and breathing returned to normal. 'Huh!' I thought. 'That was interesting!' I knew what had just happened, of course. But the sheer impersonality of it surprised me. My body had been invaded by a superior force, it seemed to me, and then released. I didn't know what to think!

At about midnight, I woke up horny and decided to see if I could repeat the experience. I walked to the bathroom down the hall and after peeing, stepped to the sink and soaped up my right hand. Soon that feeling of mounting excitement returned. My heart started to pound, and I rose up on my toes. But this time, when the tension 'broke' and I started coming, something squirted out of my penis about a foot in the air! I was so startled that my orgasm stopped dead right there. I had no idea what had just happened. I may have squirted during my first orgasm a few hours earlier, but might not have noticed it in the shower. I sure as hell noticed it now, though!

The rest, of course, is history. Looking back at this story, it's interesting to see how my sexual interests seemed to be set right from the beginning: masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism. My dream is to find a woman who is excited by these things as I am.

I am married, and plan to remain so. I love my wife dearly. But these things don't turn her on. I can keep dreaming, though...



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