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My First Orgasm

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I was asked earlier how I discovered masturbation or something along those lines. Although I don't remember how I discovered it I do remember my first orgasm. 

I'm not sure how I discovered I liked touching myself or rubbing against things or how old I was when I discovered this but I do remember my first orgasm. 


At the time I had enjoyed touching myself/ rubbing my crotch against things for quite awhile. And for some time I would get to the point I felt like I was going to pee and I would quit. 



One wintery cold Saturday morning I was home by myself and knew I would have the house to myself most of the day. 



I decided I would go take a nice long hot bath to warm up since I knew no one would bother me. 



Of course laying in the tub relaxing also meant idly playing with myself. As I was running my fingers up and down 'my pussy lips' and over 'my hard button' as I called them I soon came to the point I felt like I needed to pee so I stopped. 



After doing this a couple of times I decided since I was in the tub what would it hurt if I did pee, so I decided next time I got there I wasn't going to stop. 



I start rubbing myself again and after a couple of minutes I got that feeling again and just kept going. 



Next thing I know my fingers are furiously rubbing my hard button faster than I ever thought I could move them, my toes were curling and my knees were raised up and clamped together as my head felt like it was about to break the cast iron tub I was pushing back on it so hard. 



And then all the sudden I had a shock almost that went straight from my button to my brain and I thought I was going to pass out. 



Now this wasn't a bad feeling, no sir. It was a feeling of pure happiness, a feeling I could never even dream could feel so good. 



I remember just kinda falling limp into the hot water and laying there with a grin from ear to ear. 



I wasn't sure what that was but I knew for sure I wanted to feel it again but as I reached down between my legs I realized I was too sensitive to try again right then. 



I turned the hot water back on to warm it up a bit and just laid there a few more minutes. 



After probably 5 minutes I stuck my hand back between my legs and although still sensitive it was a different sensitive, an almost exciting feeling so I start rubbing again. 



This time I didn't put as much pressure on my fingers and used a lighter touch. Wow was this feeling great. 



I can feel that sensation start to build that I need to pee again only this time I knew what to expect (at least I thought I did) 😅. 



I begin rubbing faster trying to get the pace I had earlier but I just couldn't get there, that was until my toes started to curl, my knees clamped shut and my head went back. It was like someone or something put a turbo on my hand and it started flying again. 



Let me tell you, I'm glad there wasn't anyone home with me that day, because when this one tore through me I couldn't help but yell, "OH MY GOD."



I still remember how wobbly my legs were when I got out to dry off. I ended up sitting on the toilet to dry off. 



I wasn't sure what that feeling was but I knew then and there that I was hooked for life. 



I remember doing it at least 3 more times that day. 



Every day since then I have gotten myself off at least once, no matter what. Whether I'm sick, on my period, in a relationship, having regular sex, in the hospital, whatever I am making myself cum daily. Most days it's at least twice, first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep. 



I have always thought about keeping a journal for 1 year where I track my masturbation and see exactly how many times I make myself cum per year. Maybe I should really consider that. 






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