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My First Orgasm

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My first boyfriend and what it led to


When I was growing up I loved playing outside and was always trying to do things like climbing trees and playing football, most of my parents friends had boys and I was happy being in "their gang". I reached puberty when I was 13 and all this changed, like most girls I was very self conscious about my new body and it took me a good couple of years to feel relaxed around boys again. I also liked playing hockey and in the showers afterwards realised that my body was normal just like all the other girls.

I discovered that it felt good when I rubbed my nipples or my vag and I usually did this in the shower at home just because it felt good rather than masturbating to a fantasy. Sex education lessons had covered the basics but apart from being surrounded at school by horny boys and hearing them talk and joke about wanking and girls all the time I didn't really have any strong sexual thoughts or urges.

In my last year at secondary school I got friendly with Ryan, one of the boys in the same year but a different class, we would see each other and chat maybe 2 or 3 times during the day and after a couple of weeks he asked me if I wanted to go to a visiting funfair on Saturday and I said yes. It was all very innocent but good fun and he gave me a quick kiss afterwards, I know he had dated another girl at school but I had not had a boy friend before and it felt nice.

On Monday at school he was deliberately waiting for me and we chatted and said the funfair had been good, on the Wednesday after school I was playing in a hockey match, Ryan waited and watched it and afterwards he had arranged for his mother to pick him up and they gave me a lift home. At school the next day he said his mother liked me and did I want to go to a BBQ they were having on the Saturday and I said yes. He had a brother who was 2 years older who was going off to uni and he and his gf were there, they were all very friendly and I soon stopped being nervous.

Some of his parents friends also came and after we had eaten and they were drinking and chatting Ryan and I went up to his room to see a new game he had bought. I was wearing a blouse and smart cropped trousers, maybe a little too posh for a BBQ but it was the first time I had met his folks and he was wearing a tshirt and casual shorts. We were sat on his bed and he was helping me with the game controller, I wasn't used to that model so he leant across really close to have his hands on top of mine by the buttons.

We were swaying about and I dropped the box, he made a grab for it to stop it going on the floor and brushed his hand against my boobs, he said sorry and I said it was ok. This seemed to like break the ice and we both laughed and kissed each other. He got off the bed and looked out of the window, his brother and girlfriend had left but everyone else was still in the garden, when he came back he put the controller on his desk and we started making out.

Although we were only kissing my nipples hardened and I got that nice warm feeling in my vag that I had only ever experienced before in the shower. I told him it felt nice then we heard his mother calling us so after only a couple of minutes we went back into the garden for some ice creams. As soon as I got home I told my mother that I felt a bit smokey from the BBQ and was going to shower, in the hot water I rubbed myself and this time I was thinking of a guy, Ryan.

Obviously I knew that boys and girls enjoyed touching each other's bodies and that fucking was supposedly the best feeling ever and now, at 16yrs old, I was beginning to understand that and looking forward to seeing Ryan again. At school he told me that both his parents and brother would be at a pre-uni meeting the next Wednesday evening so we could have the house to ourselves, I told my mum that there was a hockey meeting and she said fine.

Neither of us had told friends that we had dated so we left school separately as normal but met up a few minutes later and went to his place. We were both in school uniform which was very similar, a shirt and long trousers and although we had talked about playing on his computer again as soon as we got into his bedroom we started kissing on his bed, I guess we just carried on from where we had left off last time at the BBQ.

We shuffled fully onto the bed laying on our sides facing each other and when his hand brushed against my boobs this time I knew it wasn't an accident. I took it and placed it back there, he felt and rubbed them over my clothes then tried to undo my buttons using just the one hand as his other arm was under me. Everyone knows its way much easier to use two hands so I helped him undo my shirt and also my bra and we spent maybe a good half hour kissing and him playing with my boobs.

Neither of us tried to go anywhere else but when I got home I went to my room to change and used my own two fingers to play with my clit, I imagined it was Ryan's hand there and the feeling this time was far more intense and I guess it was my first orgasm.

Having had one I wanted more and quickly learnt how to rub my clit and finger-fuck myself to orgasm either in the shower or laying in bed at night. I was with Ryan for about five months before we both went to different colleges and during that time we had fun learning about each other's bodies. I started jerking him off after about four weeks and then I was confident enough to let him finger me, it was nice having his hand there but I also learnt that if you want a really good masturbation session then your own hand does it best.



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