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My First Orgasm

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I still remember it like it was yesterday

Many years ago, a friend that I spent a lot of time with had a pool set up in his back yard. Nothing big, just one of those inflatable circles that you can't do much more than sit in. Anyway, when I needed to leave one day, I dried off a little bit and put on my shirt, but when I got home my trunks were still wet. My parents didn't want me dripping water all over the house so I ran upstairs, pulled off my swimsuit, put it in the tub and ran back to my room in just my shirt.

By that point in my life I was getting erections fairly frequently and that afternoon was no different; when I got into my room, it was already hard and sticking straight out. I turned on my TV and jumped in bed, loving being naked from the waist down. I already knew that I loved being naked, sometimes just taking off my clothes and sitting there nude on my bed, doing nothing but just being naked...

As I was laying there watching TV, I had pushed my cock down between my legs but it was still as hard as it could be. I had found out how good it felt when it was rubbed against something, so I was wiggling my hips and the head sliding against the sheets was making it feel tingly. Normally I just liked doing this, but this time it was feeling different. The tingling had traveled all though my penis and I was starting to feel it in my belly. I pressed my face into my pillow and kept pushing my hips into the mattress when it suddenly hit me; it felt like an explosion went off between my legs. I let out a quick, high pitched grunt into my pillow, my toes clenched and my legs stiffened and shook.

All I could do was lay there breathing heavy, having no clue what had happened. I don't know how long I stayed there but eventually I quickly got up and got dressed, thinking maybe I had done something wrong.

Even though I was clueless to what had happened, it didn't take long before I tried to make it happen again because it had felt so good. Thinking that was the way to do it, I would take off my pants and underwear just like that first time and rub against my bed, a couple times making it happen again but most times with no luck. Soon after I started doing different things to make that feeling come back, usually rubbing it between my hands like trying to start a fire with a stick. I did it that way for quite some time, even past the point where I started cumming.

I finally started doing it right when I saw a porno that my older cousin had snuck over one day when my parents were at work and a guy in it was shown stroking his cock. I realized at that moment I was doing it all wrong and the next time I masturbated I did it like the guy did.

And the rest, as they say, is history.



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