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My First Orgasm

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My first time jacking to orgasm


My First Orgasm

I was in eighth grade in 1961. One Sunday afternoon I was alone in my room. At school I had heard other boys talk about "...jacking off until the sperm comes out..." but I had never done it. I knew about fucking and about sperm, but was completely ignorant about orgasms. I had played with my little boy cock all my life and it felt good, it always did, but didn't know about orgasms. Yet.

This particular Sunday afternoon I was in my room and I decided I was going to play with myself until... something...happened. I got my little hairless prick hard and started stroking it kept stroking. I had such a small little erection and hairless boy balls. I could only masturbate my hard little weenie with my thumb and two fingers. It was to small to wrap my hand around it.

At first I felt nothing, but I kept on pumping it. Then, there was a slight tingle in my balls. Oh, this was nice! I kept it up and the tingle got stronger and stronger, good and warm, building into little teasing pleasure tickles in my balls and around my little boy puckered hairless asshole.

I was loving this. Then, the feeling was getting more intense. I pumped my little hairless stiffy even faster. I was cut but I still had a bit of foreskin to slide up and down on my little cock shaft. Yes, this was nice and it was getting nicer!

The feeling seemed to start in my balls and at the base of my cock and made the whole lower half of my crotch area and asshole tingle. The little pleasure tickles became tiny throbs, each one getting stronger than the last. Then the dam burst and my little boy cock throbbed, my balls glowed with orgasmic pleasure on each exquisite pleasure pulse, my asshole tingled with sexual feeling, my entire guts seemingly throbbed with this new sensation! The most exquisite pleasure I had ever experienced pulsated and rippled through my entire being. My legs and feet jerked involuntarily with my orgasmic throbs, solid ripples of pure animal orgasmic sexual sensations shooting down the inside of my right thigh and into the hollow of the arch of my foot. God! It was nice! I hadn't expected this, and I pumped my little cock furiously, not having any control any more, completely engulfed in my first ever orgasm. I just wanted to continue this marvelous sensation. I kept pumping my little cock until the throbbing subsided. I was out of breath.

It was a dry cum. I had dry cum's for a year. the first time I produced and fluid I was on the annual altar boy picnic at a lake recreational area and I was in the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and looked at the crude drawings of cocks and cunts on the walls and the dirty poems. I got my little hairless pecker hard and masturbated. My orgasm produces one drop of clear fluid. I would shoot clear fluid for about another year until I started shooting cum.

I knew jacking off was a sin, they told us so in catechism. "Solitary sinning" the nuns used to call it. When I first heard this phrase I had no idea what they meant. Now I knew!! It by God felt good and I intended to keep on doing a lot more of it. If this was a mortal sin, it just might be worth going to hell for!!

After that, I masturbated every day, sometimes three and four times a day, stroking my cock so much that it got sore. It never occurred to me to use lube!

I just turned 67 and now masturbate only a couple times a week. I still love it though!



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