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My First, Last, and Only Experience

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My First, Last, and Only ExperienceI was born and raised in an extremely small town in western New York state, near Buffalo. The town was a farming community, surrounded by woods and fields. Because there were no kids my own age, I always hung out with younger kids. The following episode of jerking off before an audience occurred when I was 19. My audience consisted of two boys, Eddie and Tony, aged 13 and 14.We'd gone into a thick forest behind the cemetery on the edge of town. We went there often, mostly so the boys could smoke undetected. I provided the cigarettes. On this particular autumn day, we settled down in a leaf-littered clearing surrounded by thick brush and trees. We lit up and started talking about this and that. Eventually, the conversation turned to how women get pregnant.I talked about how a man's penis got thicker and longer and harder during foreplay, how semen squirts out during an orgasm, how sperm swam upstream, and so on and so on. All very knowledgeable and completely phony since I was still a virgin. Everything I knew came from books and overheard conversations in high school.Suddenly, I heard myself saying "Here, let me show you!", as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do. Without any self-consciousness at all, I stood up, unbuckled my belt, and slid my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. I knotted the halves of my shirttail across my stomach so they wouldn't get in the way. My cock was now completely exposed. Then I knelt down with my buttocks resting on my heels and proceeded to stroke my limp cock into a semi-erect state. Eddie and Tony were lying on their stomachs, chins propped up on their hands, about a foot in front of my knees so they could see everything.After a while, a drop of lubricant oozed out the tip of my cock. I picked it up on the tip of my finger and licked it. Eddie asked me what it tasted like and I said that it was kind of salty. When I asked him if he felt like tasting it himself, he said "Sure". I didn't have to do any more stroking to provide him with a sample. The mere thought of another human being touching my cock made it contract and jerk, and another drop obligingly emerged. Eddie picked it up on the tip of his finger, tasted it, and agreed. Without any invitation, Tony did the same.I continued to stroke with a dry hand for a while, forming a ring with my thumb and forefinger, and concentrating on the rim of the glans. Then I told the boys that even though it felt really good, there was a way to make it feel even better. I lubricated my hand with saliva and proceeded to stroke the shaft and glans with a mixture of saliva and natural lubricant. It didn't take long before I had to warn my audience that I was about to cum.When it happened it was an ordinary ejaculation, less spectacular than many since, but I can still hear the spattering sound my cum made when the first spurt landed on the dry leaves in front of me. A few more contractions and it was over. Neither boy said a word. My cock gradually lost its erection. A small pool of cum slowly formed on the leaves beneath it, still attached by a sagging white thread to the opening in my cock.Eddie jolted me out of my post-orgasmic daze by asking "Can I touch it?" When I said "Yes", he collected some cum from the tip of my cock and tasted it. Tony tasted some without asking. Both times, my cock jerked at their touch, but I reassured them it didn't hurt.We all lit up cigarettes and the conversation turned to their cocks. Eddie showed his, the first uncircumcised one I'd ever seen. Seeing him pull back his foreskin was a minor revelation. Tony was circumcised like me, so there was nothing special about it, but seeing him display his cock was exciting all the same. For some reason I cannot fathom, I didn't ask them if they'd like to try what I'd just done. They both talked about trying it at home, but were apparently unwilling to jerk off in front of me. I wish I'd tried harder to persuade them.I'm 56 now, but I still remember this incident vividly. I've always known it was more a case of sexual experimentation than gay sex, and I never felt any guilt over it. Its power to arouse me sexually - even though it happened over 35 years ago - has continued to mystify me. But just a few days ago, when I discovered other people on the Web who have had similar experiences, I realized how universal this kind of experience is. It doesn't lessen the mystery, or its hold on me, but I no longer feel I'm weird.And I'm looking forward to repeating the experience as often as possible. --Anonymous



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