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My First Experience Being Jerked Off

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Bikinis and young hormonal teens is a hot combination. My first time being wanked off by my girlfriend. 

This is my second attempt posting this story. I hope you enjoy. Just a short scene I remember in my youth. 

I’ve always loved speedos but when I was younger, I still wore swim trunks. I had a fetish for seeing girls in small bikinis. I was dating this girl Stephanie at the time, and we were still virgins, but anxious to start trying new sexual activities while still refraining from having sex. We were 18 but being born from Chrisitan families, we were hesitant. It was especially hard for me seeing her in tight revealing clothing, like halter tops and skirts, and not feel aroused all the time. One day she came over for a swim, dressed in a pink and green striped bikini, and I was wearing my black trunks with mountain ranges on them.


She was a beautiful girl, 5’7, thin, dark brown hair straight that fell past her shoulders. She had bronze skin due to tanning like crazy in spring and summer. Per her request, I had gone to the tanning bed as well and gotten a pretty good tan going, so I thought we both looked hot. I was 5’6, self-conscious about being shorter than her, and thin build as well, but I was hitting the gym hard, so my muscles were slowing appearing bulkier, which she enjoyed.


I greeted her at the door with a kiss on her lips and a hug, and planned on having a swim, but before we headed out to the pool, I stopped her, and began kissing her, placing my hand on her hips at first. We were the only ones home, and I really wanted to try something new, so my hand lowered down to her butt, and began to squeeze it. She smiled, and didn’t resist, in fact, she pressed her hand against my chest, lightly rubbing my nipples through my white t-shirt, it felt nice. I pressed my body against hers, pushing her against the wall, breathing a little deeper, my hand came up and grabbed her breast through her shirt, fondling it while we both kissed more passionately. She told me later she could feel my bulge start to grow against her when I rubbed against her body, but in the moment, she reached down and grabbed my cock through my shorts. I was hard at this point, letting out a soft moan, and urged her to continue. My hand slipped down between her legs, rubbing her crotch through her cargo white shorts, over her bikini bottoms. I suddenly felt my cock being jerked off even faster, up and down she pulled, so my hand started to rub her crotch faster as well. We both moaned, trying to kiss each other, but arousal overtaking both of us.


I lightly pushed her away, grabbed her hand and led her to the couch. I pulled her shirt off and she pulled mine off. I desperately wanted to see her full body, so I unbuttoned her shorts, but she held up a hand to stop me, looking into my eyes she made me promise her we wouldn’t take it too far. I promised that I would stop whenever she wanted me to, and I could see the relief in her eyes. She pulled me back down on top of her, both laying on the couch.  “I want to see your full bikini; can I take your shorts off?” I asked nervously. Usually I was more assertive, but this is something I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.  She nodded in response, and unbuttoned her cargo shorts, pulling them off. I looked down at her in all her glory. She looked so hot in her bikini, so much I grabbed her hand, and placed it over my cock again. asking her to jerk me off again, which she did. I was rock hard, and it was pointing outward through my shorts. She went fast, and I moaned. I leaned forward, kissing her on her lips, while my hand grabbed at her breast, squeezing it through her top. My hand soon went down between her legs, rubbing her crotch through her bikini bottoms, making her moan and shift in her seat to get comfortable. I breathed harder, her pulling my cock up and down me go numb, I could only focus on how good it felt. I begged her to keep going, rubbing her more quickly. Both of us in unison moaned as we laid on the couch, until finally I could feel my cock shoot my cum, creating a wet spot in my trunks. I know she could feel it, but she said nothing, and continued to jerk. I wanted her to feel the same, and thrusted my fingers as far as I could, the only barrier was the nylon fabric of her bikini, but she eventually moaned out in pleasure as well, pushing my hand away when she felt release. It was a build up, a build up after a year of dating.  I laid down with her and she wrapped her arms around me, laying her head down on my chest. I kissed her forehead, saying we had to do that again. 





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