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My First Experience

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Growing up I was always an innocent, sheltered child. When I was in eighth grade, I was always the quiet kid who was rather stupid when it came to taking a hint. Girls used to always flirt with me, although I was never able to take a hint.

The end of the year came with a bang, and with the best night of my life. Right after the last day of school, one of my friends threw a big party that just about everybody was at. I was minding my own business, sitting on the sofa, keeping quiet like always, just watching the television. Little did I know exactly what was just about to happen. A girl named Ashley had come in and sat down next to me and whispered into my ear 'I think you're cute'. Nobody had ever been this direct with me before, so needless to say it was like a lightbulb in my head. I'm not quite sure how that unfolded exactly, but by the time a huge crowd had sat down around the TV to watch a movie, she had been in my arms with a blanket over our laps. Now, before I go on, I must say that Ashley is a drop dead gorgeous girl, perfect rounded breasts, blonde hair, smooth skin, everything. She proceeded to put her hand on my leg, which sent a chill up my spine. Was this really happening? I'd never experienced anything like it. She slowly slid her hand up my thigh and into my underwear. I could feel my hairless dick (I was a late bloomer) begin to grow very fast. I could feel the adrenaline pumping as she squeezed onto my dick under the blanket, right in front of everyone without them knowing!

I was so incredibly horny at this point, when suddenly Ashley got up from under the covers and whispered into my ear once again to meet her in the bathroom. I did not know what to think of this-I was pretty stupid at the time (I'd never even masturbated!). Either way I waited for my erection to go away before I got up. I'd made my way to the bathroom at that point. The door was locked, so I knocked. Ashley opened the door and quickly pulled me in. To my surprise she was not alone. In there was another fellow named Nick, butt naked! He quickly tried to cover up, but I caught a glimpse. It was one of the largest cocks I'd ever seen (keep in mind I was 14). It must've been about 7 inches long and circumsized (I'd also never seen one of those). What made it look so massive was the fact that he was the same age as me, and comparing to mine, I didn't have much at the time. Furthermore, he was only about 5'6'!

Ashley broke the ice, as the natural 'leader' of whatever was going on. She asked me if I've ever experienced anything like this, to which I'd answered no. She told us that she'd always wanted to have two boys at once. By now my penis was raging hard. She told me to get undressed. Nick was already undressed and back in full view now with all of his hairy manlyhood. I pulled off my shorts, and then Ashley started to undress. Each article of clothing at a time was a new step for me. Her boobs were smooth looking and tan, with perfect round hard nipples. It was so hot, I was drizzling precum. She then took off her panties, slowly. This was the first time I'd ever seen a pussy. My penis literally went insane! Ashley started giving instructions to the both of us. This was all too much for me (I've now accepted that I'm bisexual) as I'd gone from absolutely nowhere sexually to getting it all in one night. Ashley was probably experiencing this for the first time, because at first it was very awkward. She'd asked us to compare dicks. Nick and I put our dicks next to each other (he had a good two inches on me). Ashley grabbed both of our penises and started jerking them. Within seconds Nick exploded everywhere all over me. To this day, it was probably the most cum I've ever seen. Could've made a puddle on the floor.

Ashley jerked me off following that, and I had my first ejaculation ever, at the hands of someone else. Kind of sad, really, but it was amazing. By the time she was done with me Nick was already hard again, and Ashley demanded I jerk him off while she finger herself. Nick was a bit hesitant, although I could not say no! And so goes my first experience. I had several encounters with Nick and other women, although sadly not Ashley once more.



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