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My First Ever Cum

Posted by: Author: Age: 24 Posted on: 2 comments
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When I was 13, my parents said I could go and stay with some family friends. This was highly unusual as my dad, ever the total asshole, never allowed people to get close to me, him and mum. This particular family dad "approved of" in his high and mighty way, as they were neighbours. They also knew what a jerk my dad was and so when they moved away, they offered me a fortnight's holiday.

Now I was at that age. Anything could give me a hard on and I must say, I fancied Jackie, the mum of the other family. She was one of those women who look a lot younger than she was. Although she must have been in her 30's, she could easily pass for a teenager. Now, the other thing I had better explain is that up to that visit I had not started to masterbate.

This particular night, I was in bed at their house and had a raging hard on. I began to think about what it would be like to push it inside a woman and I wrapped m fingers around it. The effect was almost instant. I was about to cum with only a few strokes, but, because my prat of a dad had only told me that all sex was bad, I had no idea. I just got a feeling that I was about to pee or something, so I stopped. I had, as you might imagine, a restless night.

The following morning I woke with a stiffy that actually hurt it was so hard. So I decided to see what happened. The room was quite dark being north facing, and I took my cock in my hand and started a very slow wank. I had my eyes tightly closed and was just loving the feelings I was getting. It felt like my whole body was alive. I could even feel the air move around the room. If I had a bit more sense I would have opened my eyes at that moment because the air movement I could feel was Jackie opening my bedroom door with a cup of tea in her hand! She just stood there frozen and I, when finally I realised she was there just froze, cock in hand. She said "Oh sorry Chris. I guess I should have knocked. Still, looks like you were enjoying yourself."

I told her that it was my first time doing it. She smiled and said "What were you thinking about?" I told her that I was thinking about seeing a girl's knickers and maybe her pussy. Jackie asked me if I had ever seen that before and to my great embarrassment I said no. Then she said," were you thinking about anyone in particular" and I said "Yes, you. I'm sorry." Jackie smiled in a lovely way I can't describe and told me that she was flattered that she was the subject of my first masterbatory fantasy. Then she put my cup of tea down and shut the door behind her and sat on the end of my bed and started to quiz me about what I knew and what I didn't.

She told me that girls get very wet when they are horny, something I didn't know, and that they masterbate too. All this got me ragingly hard again. Then she said. "Because this is your first time, I want to make it special for you." She leaned back against the wall and just lifted her skirt and opened her legs revealing a cute little pair of light green panties. Then she told me to look at her and carry on jacking. As I did, she ran her fingers between her legs and pulled the material to one side to show me a lightly haired lovely pussy. She masterbated herself a little and pulled her lips apart and showed me where a cock gets put. Then she said "Tell me when you are going to cum Chris."

She slipped her panties off and gave them to me telling me to smell the crotch. As soon as I did, I started to shoot and oh my, there was so much of it. Jackie took her panties off me and mopped me up. Then she said "I am very flattered that you used me to have your first ever cum, but you need to know that nothing will ever happen between us. However, I don't mind leaving you some more of these if you like." Each night, for the rest of my stay, there was a nice pair of her knickers under my pillow each night. Each night, I either smelled or licked them or used them to mop up or cummed in the crotch.

Fast forward now to last year when I met Jackie again. Divorced now, we just met up by chance in a shopping center. She told me that she was so turned on watching a teenage boy masterbate that she used the knickers I spermed up herself every night. I told her how much I wanted her to be my first. Jackie said "Chris, I could have lowered myself on your cock the very first time I saw your hard on." It turned out she hadn't been getting any from her husband for a very long time.

After our coffee we went to my car and fucked fast and hard.



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