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My First Erection

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From the time my brother was born and I recognized he was made different I have adored male genitalia. We're three years apart, bathed together, seen him romp nude and urinate. This has made me jealous of what he has in place of my slit. In my early years I went out of my way to watch male cousins and boys in the neighborhood who were my age or younger naked, sometimes encouraging them to show me their cute little things. This is how I learned that all penises are not created equal. The ones I'd seen were circumcised, but some were longer, a few thicker, while others differed in color and shape of head.

When I was nine my friend Maryann confided to me that she knew boys had wieners, but had never seen a real one. Joey whose family was very close to my family had been bare in my presence before and I always enjoyed observing him. He was two years younger with light brown hair, a cute face and a trim build.

Up to this one day that Maryann invited Joey to play with us I had never touched a penis. About an hour into games we girls were sweet talking Joey to take his clothes off. We made up a game where he lost and kept pressuring him that 'you promised you'd take them off.' We were in my backyard and went behind bushes and a shed that was hidden from view. After more coaxing, 'are you afraid to,' we got Joey to strip. I still remember the pleasing expression on Maryann's face as he slowly took off his blue boxers and stood in front of us with his dangling two inch pecker and ball sac. Maryann couldn't take her eyes off his privates and we managed not to giggle so he wouldn't be embarrassed and change his mind.

We got him to lie down on a bench facing up as we looked down on his family jewels. At first we hesitated touching his flabby penis fearing that he might pee on us so we poked it instead with a small stick. He seemed to be enjoying our attention and gradually we became more brazen actually finger touching his shaft and then grasping it in our hands. We got on our knees close enough to smell and really examine his little pecker. Joey's face was turning red and so was Maryann who began talking to it with a small doll like it was a toy. 'How are you Mr. Penis?' As we took turns fondling, Joey's prick turned red, became stiff and stood up in the air at an angle. I had seen cocks before, but to our amazement had never seen one get bigger like his. We were too young to understand that Joey was having an erection. I was concerned and kept asking him 'are you all right?' I couldn't believe how arousing this was as I felt my own vagina getting moist. It was an incredible feeling and the more I handled his now three inch member the hornier I felt. When we weren't touching 'Mr. Penis,' it was twitching around his belly aimed towards his face. When I held it I could feel it pulsating in my hand. Too soon his wiener jerked with Joey breathing very heavily. His body tensed up and then his loveable hard penis began to shrivel in size. He let out a large breath of air and his body relaxed.

Twelve years later I realize that Maryann and I were responsible for giving Joey an orgasm. After his cock softened we lost interest and helped him put his clothes on. It wouldn't be until my teen years when I'd see and stroke another erection to climax, but this one time with Joey still excites me.



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