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My First Enema

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I had heard that enemas were not only healthy for you but could also add to sexual pleasure. Wanting to try this, I went to the drugstore and bought an enema douche kit, with the large red rubber bag and all.
Per the instructions I had found on the internet (I forget the link, just look up 'enema instructions' on Google), I tossed the smaller rectal nozzle and hooked up the larger douche nozzle. The advice had said that the douche tube, although larger, would actually be more comfortable than the tiny rectal tube (but to be sure not to let some unsuspecting female re-use it!).
I put on some soft music and brought a hat rack into my bedroom. I spread a couple of towels on the bed 'just in case', and stripped (nothing below the waist for an enema, for obvious reasons). I carefully lubed the entire length of the douche nozzle, and then filled the enema bag with some very warm water. I used the inside of my wrist to adjust the water temperature.
When the bag was full, I shut off the water and hooked up the tubing and nozzle to the bag, and secured the clamp so it would not leak. I took the now-ready enema kit to the bedroom, and hung the bag on the hat rack hook. I lay on the towels, on my left side with my knees bent, right cheek up, as the instructions suggested, and found my rectal opening with the lubed nozzle tip. I carefully worked it it to me.
At first it was uncomfortable as it had been a long time since I had put any objects in my bottom. But after the tip of the nozzle had entered my rectum, it went all the way in without any problem. Actually, it felt pretty good...different anyway. I had an erection as I was filling the bag, in anticipation and then had lost it as I lay on the bed, but now it was coming back.
After I pushed the nozzle in, I rolled over on my back with my knees bent and released the clamp-valve on the tubing. I had purged the air from the tube before I came into the bedroom so I immediately felt the very warm water enter my bottom. I inhaled sharply, as it was such an intense experience. I once again lost my erection.
As the water flowed in, I gently rocked and rolled my body around, constantly changing position, so that the water would not 'ball up' in my intestine and cause cramping. I was getting some cramps anyway, but they were minor and easily controlled by massaging my own belly and keeping the water moving. Several times I had to clamp off the tube and 'let things cool down a bit'. I allowed the bag to empty into my colon, then just lay there and let it 'soak' for about ten minutes, all the while moving around and massaging my belly with both hands.
Soon I had the urge to go, which I could not hold back. I barely made it to the toilet! I released the water, and the nastiest stuff came out. I was amazed at the appearance of it, and was very glad that it was now out of my body. I seemed to feel better already!
I re-filled the bag, as the instructions suggested doing the enema cycle as often as needed to clean the large bowel completely. I used slightly warmer water, as the last temperature seemed not as warm as I could take. I again lay down, inserted the nozzle, and opened the valve. This time, I had decided to not use the valve to relieve the cramps, but to leave it open and 'take it' all in one shot.
I had a small amount of cramping about half-way through the process with the second bag-full, but again was able to handle it. I emptied the bag, then lay there again to let it soak. I removed the nozzle and rolled back and forth on the bed, then on my belly on the soft towels. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the full feeling. No cramps at all, but I could feel my gut churning the water and moving it around. As I lay there, my penis started to get hard against the towel. I felt much pleasure there and started to hump against the toweling. Soon I felt like evacuating, so I got up and ran to the bathroom. This time, the outflow looked much better but there was lots of ugly stuff still coming out.
I refilled the bag, and repeated the cycle. But this time, the 2 quart bag did not seem to fill me! So I got up and refilled it, this time with much warmer water. I lay down again, and opened the valve, and rolled over on my belly again. My penis was very hard by now, and had found a nice furrow in the soft toweling to burrow into. The water kept coming, and coming. The pressure was building up. I was determined to let all the water go in, so I did not touch the clamp-valve. I felt as if I were being dominated by the hot water in my gut. The cramps came, and started to get stronger. I felt like I had to stop, but I didn't. I was wishing there were someone there to encourage me to keep going.
Words will fail to describe what happened next but I will try. My mind began to 'float'. While I was in 'pain' of sorts, it wasn't like the pain you get when you are hurt. It was... different. My penis was rock hard, and I could not stop moving. As I moved my body around to try to reduce the cramping, my cock was being stimulated by the soft terry cloth toweling. There was large amounts of pre-cum lube all over my penis and the towel and it was becoming quite wet. I started to actually cry. All the stress of the day seemed to be coming out. My tears ran onto the towels, and the water just kept coming in. I let out a scream into the pillow so as not to alarm the neighbors. I felt a huge release of tension (not orgasm yet, but getting close!). I was sobbing and making 'wahhh' sounds in the towels. The nozzle kept stimulating my rectum as I moved around. The orgasm began... it started at the very tip of my penis, where it was rubbing against the soft toweling. It spread down the shaft, and into my balls. I tried to prolong it because this was the sweetest I had felt in a long time.
The orgasm started to spread into my belly, from down around my crotch, then up my back and my stomach. At the same time, my legs started to tingle, first at the crotch, then down inside my thighs and then, radiating around my hips and down the front of my legs. Even my shoulders were tingling! I started to orgasm hard. I pushed down into the towel tunnel with my penis and every move was rewarded with orgasmic shocks up and down my penile shaft. I was still crying, no screaming into the towel. I was seeing stars by now, my eyes clamped shut. The orgasm started to ricochet around my abdomen. I found out later that this was because of the interaction of the hot water against my prostate.
It felt like it lasted a good fifteen minutes, from start to finish, although it was probably not that long. I don't know. It could have been an hour, for all I could tell. I purposely let it die down slowly, enjoying every little flash of pleasure, cramp, pelvic thrust or mini-orgasm that happened. My cock was completely soaked. The tube felt good in my rectum, so I didn't remove it for quite a while. I lay there for at least thirty minutes, or maybe longer. I may have fallen asleep. My gut, by then, was completely calm and content to soak.
After a while, I removed the nozzle, and made my way to the bathroom. It seemed like I expelled for the better part of a half-hour, all the while enjoying small orgasmic-like waves of pleasure all around my torso and down my legs. It was the most wonderful orgasm I had had in my life!
I hope the reader gets to try this.



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