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My First Ejaculation

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True story of my first ejaculation at band camp (yes, at band camp!)

It was a summer Sunday. I was 13 years old. My mom was driving the minivan up north, to drop me off at a week-long band camp. I was about to be taught music by some of the best teachers in the world, and I was excited for that.


But for whatever reason, that day I was also excited in a different way. As a grown man I now know I was just horny, but as a young boy I wasn't really sure WHAT was going on.



I couldn't stop thinking about my penis.



During my drive to the band camp, we stopped at a local convenience store. My mom hopped out of the car to go get some small items for my week away from home. I remained in the vehicle.



Alone in the car's back seat (I was too short to sit shotgun), I unbuttoned my shorts and out popped my pale shy guy. I spent the next five minutes just playing with it, pinching and rubbing my scrotum, inspecting the shape of the head, making it point in different directions, stretching it this way and that. I don't recall having an erection - but if I did, it was probably relatively weak; I'd never done anything like this before.



I glanced out the window and noticed my mom leaving the store, heading back to the vehicle with a couple of bags in hand. I quickly pulled my underwear and shorts back on and was re-zipped and re-buttoned before the door opened, with no time to spare. The rest of the journey continued without event.



When we arrived at our destination, my mom got me all checked in with the reception crew. I got my luggage moved to my room, we said our goodbyes, and I was left on my own in my dorm room, ready for the week.



I was getting bored. There wasn't much to do on the first day of this camp, so I figured I'd get back to the business I started earlier. I pulled off my shorts, peeled out of my underwear, and started massaging every inch of my penis, while stretched out on the dorm room's bed.



Again, I do not recall achieving an erection. I really didn't know what was going on at the time. I'd never masturbated before, and I hadn't been watching porn for long enough to have seen someone else do it. Little did I know, I was entering uncharted territory in my little dorm room, manipulating my jumble to my heart's content.



After a while, probably 10-15 minutes, I started to feel something a little odd down there. It felt a bit like I had to pee all of a sudden. But I hadn't drunk any water all day? The urge to "pee" kept growing. I couldn't control it. I stopped fondling myself and tried to stand up to get to the bathroom, but it was too late. The urge passed its breaking point, and I sat back down on the bed holding the base around my penis, as if to hold it back from whatever it was doing!



Some little convulsions began down there, and a couple of strings of an almost milky liquid escaped the tip of my penis, cascading to the floor. I thought for sure I was dying. Why was my body excreting this weird substance? And why couldn't I hold it in, like I could when holding my bladder?



I laid back down on the bed, trying to relax despite my seemingly near-death experience, and fell asleep.



I awoke around dinnertime. My now-drying, sticky semen was still on the floor. I probably wiped it up with a paper towel, but if I wanted to spice this story up a bit, I'd say I left it there to dry, as an "I came here" marker!



After this experience, I wasn't anxious to play with my penis again, for fear of the mystery jelly making another appearance. As a result it ended up being about a year before I began to have wet dreams, and started to understand my sexuality a little better. The next time I masturbated was a much more pleasurable experience!




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