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My First Cum

Posted by: Age: 16 (then) 51 (now) Posted on: 5 comments
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how I first found pleasure

I guess I was a pretty late starter when it comes to learning the pleasures of masturbation, perhaps because I was a fairly late developer, my voice didn't break until I was 16. In the changing rooms at school, following PE or "Games" lessons, I was well aware that other boys had much larger penises than I did, and most of them had fairly well established pubic hair, whilst I still had a "little boy's willy". When, finally, the first signs of pubic and under arm hair started to appear I was so happy! I used to "cup" my scrotum, and gently rub my sack. Although, like most boys, I'd had erections in the past, which had always been pleasurable, now, for the first time I felt that there was something more to experience than just the pleasure of the erection it's self. As I gently played with my testicles, my erection grew. I had been circumcised at an early age, and by swollen glans penis was now purple in colour. I noticed that a tiny droplet of a clear liquid had formed on the very tip of my penis. I was curious to know what this was as I was certain at this point that I wasn't in dire need of the toilet to urinate. I touched the bead of liquid and found that as I moved my finger away, a stringy link to my penis remained, just like a cheesey string from a slice of pizza freshly cut. I rubbed my thumb and finger together, and I found that it was very slippery. I moved my finger back to the tip of my penis to pick up more of this amazing fluid, but when it touched, my finger slipped and I felt this amazing sensation in my penis. "Mmmm" I thought! This feels good! I knew all about, or at least I though I knew all about sex and reproduction from the sex education classes I'd had at school (I thought the man had an erection, put his penis inside the woman's vagina, he ejaculates!) but there was no mention of pleasure! So started my life of masturbation! The way I did it was to tease and tickle my scrotum and my cock until a bead of pre-cum appeared. I'd then rub the palm of my hand in circles over the top of my glans penis, using the pre-cum as lubricant. The first few times, it was touch and go... The feeling was so intense and pleasurable, but it was verging on the "too much to bear" with the potential to become painful and sore, but once I held my nerve long enough to experience my first orgasm and I knew that this wasn't going to be something that I was going to stop doing in much of a hurry!



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