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My First Cum

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The story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


I have been masturbating since first memory, and presumably before. Of course I didn't know it was masturbating, I just knew it felt good when I touched my boner and even better when I rubbed it.

As I grew up I played with myself whenever possible and often for an hour, or more, but never had an orgasm. I was 'edging', although again I didn't know it was that. I would stroke slowly until the pleasure was intense, then I would stop touching myself and my boner woud twitch rapidly then slower until I was about half mast, so to speak, when I would again start stroking slowly. I could repeat this for hours, if I had the time, until eventually I would go soft. My masturbating was always done solo and privately until I was about 15 or 16.

One of my classmates at school (call him X) invited me over to his house on a number of occaisions to spend the night. His mother was a drinker and his father was seldom home so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The first couple of times nothing much occured, although we saw each other naked when we got ready for bed.

Then on one occasion we started talking about sexual things. We had seen a copy of LIFE magazine which had a picture of a woman from New Guinea who was topless and we started to talk about girls in our school and whether they had tits like the LIFE picture, and whether girl A was stuffing sox in her bra to make hers look bigger, and so on. Finally X said he had a boner and would it be OK with me if he took it out. I said I wouldn't mind and he unzipped and pulled his boner out. He rubbed it a little and asked if I had a boner too. I confessed that I did and he said I should take mine out too. At first I hesitated but then I unzipped and after a little struggle getting it through the fly of my jockey shorts had my boner sticking out of my fly. We both stroked a little but mostly just had our dicks out.

After that we would pull our dicks out shortly after we would get to his house and rub some and watch the other guy rub his. X was probably six inches and slim and would point straight ahead when fully erect. Mine was shorter, about five inches, but a little thicker and when I was fully erect it would point straight up toward the ceiling. We both had constant boners when there and still had when we went to bed.

Sometimes after we had stroked awhile X would get on the phone to some female classmate and masturbate as he talked on the phone, dropping little hints as to what he was dolng. 'Do you know what I am doing now?', that sort of thing. I never had the nerve to do that but I enjoyed his little show.

One night before we went to bed we decided to play strip poker and agreed that the loser, the first to lose all his clothes, would jack the winner. Up until then all the stroking was done to ourselves and neither of us had touched the other's dick. We played and X was naked first. (I have wondered since if he had lost on purpose.) So he stroked me for awhile and then we went to bed.

As usual we both had boners when we went to bed and after being stroked by X mine was a bit harder than usual. After we had layed there for maybe a half hour X reached over, wrapped his fingers around my boner and started slowly stroking it. I didn't mind since I was horny as hell by that time. He continued stroking a little faster and the orgasm began to build. Very soon we were past the point that I had previously gone and I didn't know what was happening. I said 'Stop, stop, STOP' but he continued stroking and WHAM, my dick was spasming and I shot cum all over my self and my pajamas. You can imagine how much cum there was since I was in my mid teens and had never previously ejaculated. My knees were kind of wobbly but I made it too the bathroom to clean up. I don't know for sure but I suspect X finished himself off as I was cleaning up.

I have cum thousands of times since then, but that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.

After that when I was visiting X we would pull out our dicks and beat off regularly. I would edge it for awhile but eventually I would go for the big 'O' and shoot into a tissue. Ah, memories.



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